Efficient, Effective, and Epic! (Farming Raid Strategy)

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  • Feb 11, 2014 (105 months ago)
You all may have your loot-hunting strategies, and they might work for you. But this strategy is almost universal, and can be used up into high Gold and even crystal. And you're going to be surprised when you see what it is.

200 archers.

No spells, no heroes, nothing but 200 archers.

Now, you can't just plop down 200 archers and expect to win a raid. and since you're farming and looking for loot, you can't just raid any base. Here are some restrictions that you should consider when using this strategy.

-Inactive bases are best, because the loot is almost entirely outside the base. This will often make it much easier to gather loot, as Archers have ranged attacks.
-Don't put all your archers on the loot. You will want to attack outside buildings if you want to walk out with a star.
-Try not to group your archers. Mortars, wizard towers, and all bombs are devastating, and the archers will be gone faster then you can save them.

So, when attacking with this strategy, you may browse bases for a while, depending whether you get lucky or not. Due to the new update, you won't be finding any 1,000,000 of each raids anymore. (good times) But, you can easily score a 300-400k raid if you have the patience. And since the army you are using is extremely cheap, you don't have to worry about making up what you spent, as long as you find the right base. In fact, it's the gold you should be more concerned about. Especially as a higher level player, you will begin to notice that your gold is disappearing. Become more aware of what you spend, and if you aren't getting any hits, exit the battle, and go back a little bit later. I have a theory that I have so far been able to prove true:

Available bases aren't all on one big track, they are on separate, smaller tracks that may have some sort of grouping depending on their loot, level, or other measures. Since there are tons of people playing and raiding daily, there are always hundreds of tracks. Have you ever had a raid hunt where all the bases are too difficult, or have no loot? Well, then I suggest you switch tracks, you may find a lucky base.

Please be aware, this is by no means true, it's just a testable question I have, and if you have ideas, please feel free to post them.

Back to the strategy.

So, when you find your ideal victim, look for primary defenses. Where are the splash defenses? Where is the clan castle? Where is/are the Hero(es)? And most importantly, are there any possible spots for a bomb to be hiding? So, if you are confident, begin to raid.

First off, you will want to encircle the base with the archers. Try to use 30 or less archers, because you are simply scanning to see what's hiding, and what defenses can hit you. Next, single out a specific area where there is a lot of loot. Remember, you have 3 minutes to raid, so take your time and use your troops wisely. 200 is a lot, but it can go extremely quickly if you aren't careful. So, once you single out this section of loot (you may have to break outer buildings first), target another section. Repeat this until all of the external loot is now yours. If there is any loot behind walls, go for it if it's on the outer layer. Archers can't break through walls very easily, so don't go for anything too rash. By now, most of the loot should be yours, and you hopefully have enough archers left to grab a quick 50%. If you haven't picked off free buildings, do so now. Army camps, builder's huts, barracks, and sometimes upgrading defenses will be outside walls. Once all of these are gone, use your remaining archers to single out some single target defenses. If you have a hero, now is the time to use them. Unless you don't mind dropping trophies, use these remaining troops to cinch out a win.


Time to train: Minimum of 1250 seconds (20 minutes, 50 seconds)
Level 3: 24,000 elixir
Level 4: 32,000 elixir
Level 5: 40,000 elixir
Level 6: 60,000 elixir

Good luck, and happy farming!

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