How to get the Resources and WIN!!!

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  • Feb 11, 2014 (104 months ago)
Everyone wants resources. Not everyone wants trophies, but everyone wants resources. And the only way to get resources fast is to attack. Winning also gets resources so this is how to win.

Troops needed:
All spells: Lightning spells and 1 Heal Spell (Optional)
17 Giants
1 Healer
3 Wall-breakers
The rest consists of a ratio of 2:1 of Archers (2) and Goblins (1)
If 22 giants is possible with at least 30 Archers that would be a better army.

1. Look for the Air Defence. If it is in the middle of the base find the next match. If it is on the outskirts of a base and the rest of the base doesnít look too hard for your troops proceed.

2. Depending on the amount of Lightning spells that you have drop 2 on a Wizard Towers and Mortar each if you can. Otherwise just take out the Wizard Tower.

3. Place 1 Archer in the range of the Clan Castle and the Hero (if any). If no troops come out go to the next step. If troops do come out or the hero follows proceed with this step. Place 2 Giants in and undefended corner of the map. Wait till the reinforcements or hero or both meet the Giants then send in a few Archers to defeat the reinforcements.

4. Place the rest of the Giants in the general area of the Air Defence. Once the Giants reach the wall wait for a lul in the bombardment from the Mortars and place the Wall Breakers a few walls away from the Giants so they are not destroy by a stray projectile. The Wall Breakers should destroy the walls in front of the Giants still though.

5. When the Air Defence has been destroyed, place the goblins in the most resource populated area. Also place the Healer there. When or if the Healer gets destroyed place the heal spell so that the Goblins are still protected.

6. While the Goblins are doing their thing place the rest of the Archers to help the Giants destroy the defences unless the attempt seems futile.

7. Watch and wait to see if you are successful.

This is my first guide and I hope it works for you as much as it works for me. Iíve also made a Clan called Dragon Riders. I would love for you to join. Thx!
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