Wall techniques guide for any clashers

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  • Feb 10, 2014 (105 months ago)
This is a guide which explores the maximum potential of the single square building, "The Wall", if you're here, I assume that you already have a run through of the beginner and other useful guides in the guide section, because this guide will only cover critical, concentrated and intermediate walling techiniques.

Basic and fundamental rules like, no placing Mortars side by side will not be mentioned, rules are by in no priority, they're all equally important and only work best if you follow every single one of them, any questions or criticisms you have for this guide will be entertained, let's work towards building a better future for our precious resources.

Rule Number One [Square]

Never waste a single square!

Fill up all spaces with buildings, every empty square will almost always amount to at least if not one wasted wall after rounding off. Try to group empty squares together to place a building, even resource buildings is not a waste, it redirects Barbarians better from the inside, which will be explained in rule three.

Rule Number Two [Segmentation]

Layering and Segmenting priority buildings

Through countless failed and successful raidings, I felt that the most segmented layer in your design, should be the 2nd layer from the outermost layer. This is where players have no full control over the Wall Breakers, they choose the second outermost compartment that is inside the wall perimeter, how to determine which one they will target from the second outermost is as simple as being one wall further than the other more important compartment, say the Mortar or Wizard, it also protects the T-junction from being blown apart. Segmented layers at the outermost do not work good as well, a decent or smart player would be picking off towers with Archers and even Wizards.

I understand that the new wallbreaker AI is really primitive, they target the nearest compartment (building boxed up with Walls), and not the center most building of the entire wall network, using this as an advantage, this works for both outermost and 2nd outermost wall segments, but like previously having mentioned on redirection, you have lesser control over wallbreakersas they venture deeper into enemy territory, along with fodder buildings outside wall perimeters to increase distance between Walls.
Rule Number Three [Redirection]

Redirect Barbarians and Goblins from towers and storages, and for most non-flying units.

This rule is as equally important, between Giants and Barbarians, at the end of the day, it is but a mass horde of Barbarians (crazy stacked dps) that will win the day, redirection is key to stopping their infestation as they pillage our base and decimate our defenses.

All units can be redirected by knowing what they are after, by placing a Cannon with a Gold Mine compartment, this draws Giants and Goblins towards and away from the key structures, Wizard, Mortar, resource storages.

Giants are the counter to defenses, and Goblins the counter to resources.
Rule Number Four [Perpendicularity]

How to use Walls the best way, always keep them straight and bend at right angles.

The best way to use Walls, is to keep them straight and running, a crooked wall is like a layer of fat that is not stretched out and is nothing but a total waste.

Only straight wall and right angles, while crooks and bends may adhere to whatever design strategy you're planning, one wall is wasted for every crook and irregular bend. Calculate it yourself.
Rule Number Five [Mjolnir]

How to use Hidden Teslas the right way

Tesla towers are underrated and is a waste to leave them loitering outside the base, a walled up corner tesla with Walls on both sides like an L, forms a perfect 3x3 square like any other tower it is also smaller, like a mini double wall vacuum between your Mortar, Wizard or storage and the enemy. It helps to impede movement and forces enemy to walk along another direction (it works better because it is smaller) towards splash towers, and most importantly, it allows space for other stronger shorter range towers to target without taking hit (think Wizards, Cannons) .
Rule Number Six [To funnel or not to funnel]

Funneling is overrated, while funneling allows better usage of springs and Bombs (Giant and small), they have to be done in moderation, as at the end of the day it is still the wall who stops everybody, this gets better proportionately depending if you have taken the time, resource and effort to actually upgrade the Walls, a dark purple wall is my minimum own recommendation which I bet many will disagree.

Some simple mathematics, the time it takes to destroy a level 7 wall (dark purple) can easily be calculated, I use an all-round troop composition that have 8 wallbreakers, 65 Archers, 35 Goblins, 53 Barbarians, 7 Giants (200 food total), using only Giants for example and calculation, they are the units that go straight for the tower behind the Walls, Barbarians has no building priorities.

7 level 5 Giants = 31 DPS x 7 = 217 dps
To break a level 7 wall, 2500hp / 217 = 11.5 seconds

Compared to a level 6 purple wall, 2000hp / 217 = 9.21 seconds, 2.3 second difference for every 500hp increase of wall.

What difference will it makes? It is a step-up difference, one level of wall makes a small step of difference, but between a L5 gold wall and L7 dark purple wall, it is a good and valuable difference that better determines the survivability of your resources along with decent towers that matches your current Town Hall.

Sidenote : I noticed that many usually upgrades their Town Hall without maxing the Town Hall level related upgrades and Walls, it is important to get the most if not all of what you are able to upgrade, going to a new level will add on difficulty to yourself as you will have to upgrade your towers to match the other formidable same TH level players who have been there longer than you, if not you will be targeted often from the one TH level higher ups. And most importantly the lower levels TH you once raided from would have dropped to 50% loot, peanuts, an issue many players overlooked.
Rule Number Seven [The Roosts]

Eggs do not belong to the same basket.

Resource storages are the roost for the golden hen's resting place, if you're wondering who's the golden hen, that is you, depending on how many you lay or raid a day. the golden eggs you loot will be stored in the storages.

To be reading this guide I assume you've heard somewhere and sometime in your life, "Do not keep all your eggs in one basket.", how true is that going to be? While you may want to keep your storages all in one place, one swipe from a raider who has a decent amount of trusty Goblins in his troop composition will wipe your storages and its contents off the map clean.
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