When designing a successful base...

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  • Feb 05, 2014 (105 months ago)
Everyone wants a functional base that keeps people away from your loot, but you also want your base to look cool, original, and creative, in most cases. Often times, especially for lower level players, designing an effective and aesthetically appealing base is difficult. Being that I am slightly OCD with symmetry and what I call "rotational symmetry", I can usually generate an original, and working base. Here's how:

First off, rule a few designs out

-Square (Makes it easy to attack from any side)
-Egg (Defenses vulnerable, and hog/air raids are devastating)
-Everything inside one HUGE box (Giants and golems will demolish)
-Not using your walls (Pretty self-explanatory.)
-Putting all your walls around your Town Hall (Also self-explanatory)

These listed above may seem stupid or made up, but I have raided and even defended with some of these designs, and it did not work out well.

Now, lower level players (4-6) first. At these foundations points of your clashing experience, there are not a lot of things that you need to protect. But a big box is not the answer. I'm going to name the Big 3 Defenses. Mortar, Wizard Tower, and Air Defense. Unless you are upgrading them, keep them inside walls. They are crucial against all types of raids, especially in the higher leagues, where air raids are more common. Obviously, you need to protect your storages, and your Town Hall. I recommend that you centralize the mortar(s), since your base is small enough, they can cover everything. Place your wizard tower(s) near your gold and elixir, also as central as possible. Put your air defense close to the storages, and also have it near some archer towers for additional air support. Cannons are the last defense, and you should make room for them if possible. Your clan castle doesn't need to be centralized, as most lower level players don't farm, and your reinforcements will probably come out no matter where you place your castle. And do your best to squeeze the town hall in somewhere. I suggest building around the mortar, with different objects grouped in 2's or 3's. Have the town hall in one of these segments. If I had a picture I would show you. >.<

So, a quick recap!

-Big 3 behind walls
-Mortar(s) centralized
-Wizard Tower(s) near loot
-Air Defense near Wizard Towers
-Put archer towers near air defense for additional air support
-Cannons inside if possible.
-Town Hall based around Mortar

Middle Town Halls: (7-8)

Being that I have the most experience with these two town halls, this article will be very detailed. At this point you have lots of walls, lots of defenses, and more things to protect. The new big thing is Dark Elixir, and it's going to become very precious to you very quickly. So, I'm going to split this into 2 sections: Farming and Pushing.

Farming: First off. If you are hunting dark elixir, put that in the center immediately. Now, I'm going to teach you rotational symmetry. What I mean by that is, if you took your base and spun it 90, 180, or 270 degrees, it would look almost if not completely identical. Picture it like a 3 bladed fan. It spins, and every 90 degree turn, it looks exactly the same. So, you have your dark elixir in the middle. Start adding rows of 3 items. (i.e: Wizard Tower, Elixir Storage, Mortar) If desired, you can place a 2x2 object above the 3rd object in your row. So, for you math whizzes, the dark elixir storage with walls is a 5x5. Line up a 3x3 object so that if you were to surround it with walls, the walls would fall into order with the walls surrounding the D.E storage. Place 2 more 3x3 items next to it, and on the top/bottom corner of the third 3x3, add a 2x2. Rereading this, I know it's very confusing. I promise I'll make a layout to demonstrate this. It's really very simple, but not easy to describe. So, repeat this 3 more times, filling in the slots with various important items. Obviously, you can't fill the 2x2 spaces with just teslas, you will need to use some Giant Bombs.

So, after doing this, you can begin to add on whatever else is left. You should have a reasonable amount of walls left, so try to get all of your defenses in. But remember, rotational symmetry still applies to the outer layer of your base. So, whatever you do to one part, you must do to 3 other identical points. For example, you place, say, a cannon, an archer tower, and your barbarian king. Obviously, you only have one barbarian king, so you can't put him in four places. But get creative! When you recreate the same position, replace it with your clan castle, a mine, a drill, or something like that.

The finished product should look like a multi-bladed fan. If it doesn't the first time, then imagine that you rotated your base 90 degrees. Where would this archer tower be? Where would "x" be? Where would "y" be? This should help you recreate your base.

Another part of being in these middle town halls is that you have 2 or 3 of your big defenses. Therefore, you have to keep them in a triangular formation at all times in order to cover as much ground as possible. It's doable with rotational symmetry, you just need to know when and where to place it. You can use the range circles for reference.

A little tip to fancy up your base, consider removing certain walls on the outer layer of your set up. Replace them with spring traps or a couple giant bombs. The openings attract giants, and the spring traps are devastating to them. This isn't necessary, but it is a helpful addition.

A quick recap!

-Dark Elixir in center (Unless not hunting for it)
-Rotational symmetry around central object
-Repetition of outer layers
-Triangular formation for Big 3 defenses


Very similar to farming, except that your Town hall will replace your dark elixir. This doesn't remove the rotational symmetry option at all. In my opinion, it's actually easier. So, if you read the farming section above, basically repeat the instructions. Consider bringing your King and Clan Castle closer to the center, because the higher up you go, more and more players will try to lure them out and eliminate them. Also, Giant Bomb placement becomes more of an issue, as you will begin to experience the wrath of hog raids. But a good base can hold off even a max hog raid, as mine did during my clan's last push. Since giant bombs can take away at least half of a hogs health, place them where they might run. Since they can jump over walls, the spring traps in the opening will not be nearly as effective. Once you have experience with the troop, you can begin to guess where they will go. Place traps and bombs all over these areas, and they will keep out the currently unparalleled strategy. Also, make sure that you have your single target defenses upgraded. And as always, triangle formation!

A quick recap!
-Rotational Symmetry around Town Hall
-Bring King and Castle closer to center
-Place traps where hogs go
-Upgraded single target defenses
-Triangle Formation

Thank you for reading this guide. I'm sorry that I don't have any details on town halls 9 and 10. I'm currently town hall 8, so I don't have any experience building bases for these town halls.

PLEASE NOTE: This is by no means the only way to make an effective base. There are a multitude of ways, in fact, and this guide only reviews one of them. In fact, the only real reason for explaining this one strategy, is because I know and understand it well, and it has served me well in both farming and pushing.

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