How to climb to crystal with literally nothing (TH sniping)

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  • Feb 01, 2014 (105 months ago)

Hello to everyone! This guide is to help anyone get from where they are to at least crystal league! If you follow this guide precisely then I can guarantee that you can get into crystal league! So here we go!
So as you have seen previously there have been bases low in town hall (TH 2-3) and are in crystal/masters. You must be asking how they are doing this! HAX?!?!? Actually it is quite simple so let’s go!!!

Cons to this method:

So there are some cons to this method but it is worth it in the end!
1.Requires to play for relatively a long duration of time
2.You are going in high leagues which means your base will get stomped on more
3.May be boring to some people and has a very grindy nature to it.
However after you have hit the trophies you need you are free to drop down again. In fact it would be wise to do so in order to continue farming.


There are multiple reasons why someone would want to do this. These are:
1.Being proud of yourself from your accomplishments.
2.Showing off to other people.
3.Getting the achievements which give hundreds of gems!


Lvl 1 Archers and at least 40-50 capacity army camp…not that demanding heh?
Now of course the better archers and more troops you have the faster the trophy pushing!


So the simple concept is to just snipe town halls however from my own observations this become more and more strategic at higher elo.
Bronze: Basically every base is free trophies other than the odd TH 10. Just spam barbarians/archers and you should be able to 3 star most bases.
From here you should be going 100% archers all the way.
Silver 3-2: Most bases are similar to bronze, you will find an unbelievable amount of rushed THs and you should take advantage of that. This is where you start your sniping career! Look for exposed townhalls (THs that are not covered by any defenses) and just set 5-7 archers next to it.

Silver 2-1: Be careful here, there are going to be a lot of trolls! Giant bombs, teslas, spring traps and clan castles everywhere! You are sniping but be very careful with townhall 7+ in silver. These guys are farmers and will go though the most devious methods to watch you fail!

Gold: Sigh, the amount of trolling here is even more extreme especially in the Gold 3 -2. There are numerous townhalls which are in the corner abandoned and when you plop your archers 2 teslas appear! To deal with this drop one archer first for a couple of seconds. If nothing happens you are free to drop the rest of them. If teslas appear do not panic. Drop archers in a way so that they are targeting the teslas instead of the Townhall. For level 1 archers dropping around 20-30 archers deals with one tesla. However this will come with experience.

Gold 1 and higher: So this is where you need to use strategy and you need focus to be successful.
Situation 1: There is a townhall at the edge of the base but it is protected by ONLY one or two cannons or archer towers. So basically you want place one archer targeting the TH and to make clear any bombs/traps. Once that is done you want to spam a bunch of archers in that exact spot. If you spam enough (40-50) you will knock down that Townhall. Be aware that the canons/archer towers will one shot your archers so be sure to drop enough!

Situation 2: There is a townhall at the edge of the base but it is protected by by one cannon AND a splash defense (mortar). So as usual drop one archer tower to ensure you clear out traps/bombs. After that you send on troop on the side to agro the splash mortar. Mortars have slow attack speed so make sure the mortar is constantly attacking the archer at the side. Then drop the majority of your archers targeting the Townhall. As soon as the archer on the side dies from the mortar immediately place another archer there so the mortar keeps on attacking the archer on the side and NOT the main group of archers. This will take practice to perfect but is very effective at high level townhall sniping.


1.The best tip I can give you is PATIENCE. With enough patience you can get to masters with this guide. At the end of the day it comes down to how dedicated you are.
2.Always get around 30 extra trophies so when you log off you get a free shield for like around 9 minutes of work.
3.Do not rage if you lose sniping, people are devious and will try to troll. Do not let it get to you. Take a break and try again.

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