Why you should push and farm TH7 - TH8 (HOG WAY)

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  • Jan 28, 2014 (105 months ago)
-Why is this a good idea?-

Pushing while farming is actually a REALLY good idea, I noticed this when I reached crystal-masters at town hall 8. One reason why pushing while farming is good is you get a nice amount of every resource after every raid. When I was town hall 8 I had about 60-70k dark elixir just from a week of raiding crystal one bases. Also, you should not be scared by using dark elixir hogs earn you profit. Another reason this is a good idea is because once you hit crystal, almost every base has about 200k-400k resources available. And, if you're a lower town hall, attacking high town halls will give you a loot increase.

-Not everyone can do this-

A reason why pushing while farming is hard is because there are certain requirements to keep you alive:

TH 7:
- Maxed town hall
- Hogs lvl. 2
- Lvl. 4 heal spell
- Heroes (KING)

TH 8:
- Maxed or almost maxed town hall
- Hogs lvl. 3-4
- Lvl. 5 heal spell
- Heroes (KING)
- 2 dark barracks that are lvl. 2 or higher

-The guide to a successful push/farm-

-Starting out
When you start the push/farm attack open town halls and 50% bases with a lot of recourses in the mines and pumps. Do not use hog riders yet. Try to get open town halls until crystal 2, this is when you need to use a more advance troop combination.

Troops combo for "starting out":
-x50 Barbs (To attack heroes)
-x50 Archers (To attack town halls)
-x5 Giants (To distract defenses)
-x75 Goblins (To attack recourses)
-x3 Lightning spell (Clan reinforcements)

-Crystal 2 - masters-
Once your at crystal 2 you need to use the hog strategy. You will be lucky and get 3 stars or you might be able to only get 50%. ONLY ATTACK BASES WITH NO INFERNO TOWERS OR NO MULTI INFERNOS. Look for bases with unloaded x bows or bases that are not active or a threat. LOOK FOR BASES WITH SLEEPLING HEROES. Please lure the clan troops and lightning strike them befor sending hogs. Also, destroy defenses that are outside so the hogs don't get distracted.

Troops combo for "crystal 2 - masters"
-x35 Hogs (Main unit)
-x25 archers or x4 wizards (Back up troops to knock an outside defensive unit)
-Clan reinforcements; x5 Hogs, x4 wizards, x25 archers (These are used to get last minute buildings, like to get a 50%)
-x2 Heal spells (Use these at good times when hogs are running low)
-x1 Lightning (Clan castle troops, or just keep it)
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