attack and WIN with Fay6211's 8 EASY starts

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  • Jan 28, 2014 (105 months ago)
It is very simple yet many people can never figure it out
follow these SIMPLE steps and thank me when you win--

#1-- NEVER ATTACK a guy who's town hall is higher lvl than yours and is NOT on the outside (farmer)

#2-- ATTACK farmers- use as least troops as you can

#3-- DO NOT USE GOBLINS-- obvious for high level non farmers-- baseline for anyone - you do NOT win with goblins

#4-- TEST FOR BOMBS B4 MASS DEPLOYMENT-- if an attack looks easy or even if it doesn't- always check first for bombs-- if you want a mass deployment of troops always send a few frontrunners to the place where you will deploy your troops- they can detonate any bombs and avoid mass killing of your troops

#5-- CHECK THEIR MORTAR LOCATIONS-- even if you have mass troops planned-- always check for mortars. espiacially against higher level guys, mortars can vaporize your whole group of 50 archers, barbs, whatever in one shot- two at the most- beware of mortars and spread out your troops around your target

#6-- USE LIGHTNING SPELLS-- if you've used all your troops and realize, you have 48% damage- most people surrender- even if they have 3 PERFECTLY GOOD lightning spells! USE them and they can destroy that final building that will give you the win!

#7-- GRAB THE EASY BUILDERS HUTS-- if they are on the outside send three or four to each to easily get em- it could be the extra 6% you need to win

#8-- ZOOM OUT CAREFULLY-- when you zoom out of a place, make sure you don't accidentally release a troop and have to fight an obvious loss

HAVE FUN and WIN with these THREE EASY STEPS-- follow them always and WIN and WIN!!!! thanks all
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