Guide on Reinforcement Clan Castle Troops (Defense)

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  • Jan 25, 2014 (105 months ago)
Guide on
Reinforcement Clan Castle Troops

Every base has its own weakness. It may be Giants, or Archers, it could be anything depending on your base design. Watch some defense replays to find out what it is. Once you find out what is its weakness, you could ask for the correct type of Reinforcement troops to help patch up these downsides.

This is the most important step of Clan Castle Defense. To place your Clan Castle in the center of the base makes it difficult for your opponents to lure out your Reinforcement troops easily.

Usually, when the opponent is unable to lure out your Reinforcement troops, he would just start with his usual battle strategy, hoping that the troops in your Clan Castle would not affect his troops badly. When his troops starts breaking through the base and getting in range of the Clan Castle, and when the Reinforcement troops come out and start attacking his troops such as Giants (who does not care about Reinforcement troops until all defenses are destroyed), and before he could do anything to stop this (especially when he wants to drop a lightning spell, but it can be hard to aim his lightning spell on Reinforcement troops that are moving), most of his troops are already gone, and he can disappointingly surrender.

To choose what troops to ask from clanmates?

Note: Dark Troops are actually their own tier, they do not actually belong to any of the three tiers, it's just that I like to put them with the other tiers according to small, medium, big.

Tier One: Takes up only one or two Clan Castle space, and are powerful as a group. Tier One troops have low health and attack points than other Tiers, and are very vulnerable against lightning spells.

-Barbarians (Tier One)
Advantage: They can be quite a tank as they have the highest health of the Tier 1 troops. They could distract the opponents troops for a few seconds to allow the other defense buildings to land a few shots.
Disadvantage: They can be quite slow to charge at the opponents troops and are easily targeted by opponents troops as it is unable to defend behind walls. Therefore it should be used with a mixture of other Reinforcement troops as it can act as a distraction.

-Archers (Tier One, most requested of the tier)
Advantage: They are troops with ranged attack, which allows them to shoot behind walls, making them well protected. They are fast to charge at the opponents troops.
Disadvantage: They have the lowest health and attack points. Due to their ability to hide behind walls, they lure troops who target anything to attack the walls instead of the buildings in the open just to attack the archers, and when the wall is destroyed, the opponent has successfully broke open the middle of the base, and can do an all-attack in the middle of your base, taking out the most important buildings.

-Goblin (Tier One, least requested of the tier)
Advantage: They are the fastest of the tier. They can charge into the battle quickly.
Disadvantage: Same as Barbarians, except that they are fast moving. They also have low hit-points in comparison with barbarians.

-Minions (Dark Troops, Tier One)
Advantage: They can fly, making Barbarians unable to attack them. They have the highest damage of the tier. They work just like archers, except that they don't hide behind walls.
Disadvantage: Unlike the rest of the Tier One troops, they take up 2 Clan Castle spaces per minion, while the others take up only 1.

Tier Two: Tier Two troops are more strategic-based, as they all have different uses, and not many similarities.

-Wall Breakers (Tier Two, least requested of the tier)
Advantage: Um... splash damage?
Disadvantage: Its quite obvious, they will die upon 1 attack, and the attack is weak. Why am I even explaining this?

-Giants (Tier Two)
Advantage: They are great for tanking, as they have a rather high amount hit-points in comparison to the amount of Clan Castle space they take up. Pretty much like barbarians, except that they are more effective. They are quite lightning resistant, it takes at least 2 lightning spells to eliminate them.
Disadvantage: They are slow in charging to battle. They have low attack points.

-Balloons (Tier Two)
Advantage: They have a significant amount of health and damage.
Disadvantage: They are very slow in charging to battle, and sometimes before they could even drop a bomb on the opponent's troops, archers would have probably taken them out.

-Wizards (Tier Two, most requested of the tier)
Advantage: Wizards deal a lot of damage, and their attacks do splash, meaning that their electricity can damage multiple troops at once in a small area. They are great in taking out all types of troops.
Disadvantage: When wizards attack a group of Tier One troops, they do not target the entire group, they target 1 of the group of troops. Unfortunately, defense buildings around will most possibly also target that one similar troop and one shot it before letting the wizard shoot, as the wizard is not fast enough. The wizard targets another, the defense buildings will eliminate that one, never giving the wizard a chance to throw its splash damage electricity. Just something to take note of, wizards are still awesome.

-Hog Riders (Dark Troops, Tier Two)
Advantage: Hog Riders are just like Giants, except that they exchanged some of their health for damage. They are also quite fast to charge at the opponent's troops.
Disadvantage: About the same as barbarians, except that they are fast and it's still okay to have just hog riders in your Clan Castle.

-Valkyries (Dark Troops, Tier Two)
Advantage: Some may say that valkyries are complete uselessness, I say that there are the combination of Giants, Hog Riders and Wizards. They actually have the highest statistics of all of the Tier Two troops, and they have splash damage, which is great. They can also charge into battle fast.
Disadvantage: Same as barbarians, except that they are fast. Valkyries also take up 8 Clan Castle space, more than most of the other Tier Two troops.

-Witches (Dark Troops, Tier Two, could also be Tier Three)
Advantage: They are like wizards, their attacks do splash damage. They also keep summon skeletons around them until the maximum number of skeletons still alive have been reached. The skeletons help to shield the witches, making it difficult for the opponent to eliminate the witches unless he uses a lightning spell.
Disadvantage: Witches have low health and damage, not a big deal because the skeletons can protect her. They are also slow, not a big deal again as the skeletons are as fast as archers. The big deal would be that 1 witch take up 12 space, which is the most of all the Tier Two troops.

Tier Three: Tier Three troops are the beasts of all the tiers. They have extremely high statistics (except for healers), and are rather lightning resistant (although the PEKKA is made out of metal).

-Healer (Tier Three, least requested of the tier)
Advantage: Heals other Reinforcement troops or buildings. It can fly and is unable to be targeted by ground troops.
Disadvantage: 'If you are considering using a Healer in your Clan Castle for defensive purposes, it is strongly discouraged to do so. While Healers can and do heal buildings, in practice the amount the Healer can restore is far less than the buildings are taking, even from just a few troops. Archers or other offensive troops are much better in this situation, as Healers really don't end up affecting anything given the time it takes to heal and the fact that their large housing requirement (14) take up most or all of the available Clan Castle space.' said Clash of Clans Wiki.

-Dragons (Tier Three, most requested of the tier)
Advantage: They have high health and damage, and are unable to be targeted by ground troops due to their ability to fly. They also deal splash damage. Dragons are great in taking out a group of Giants.
Disadvantage: The same as wizards.

-P.E.K.K.A (Tier Three)
Advantage: They have the highest damage of all troops (except for heroes) in the current version of the game and have a significant amount of health. Having a P.E.K.K.A in your Clan Castle is like having another defending Barbarian King.
Disadvantage: P.E.K.K.As are slow and have to run around the base by themselves just to protect the base, unlike a horde of archers or minions who can travel as a group. This disadvantage can only be countered by having a fully upgraded Clan Castle, with 5 more space to put in more other troops.

-Golem (Dark Troops, Tier Three)
Advantage: Golems have the highest health of all the troops (including heroes) and are able to tank a lot of damage, distracting the opponent's troops, and the other defense buildings can land many shots on the opponent's troops. Upon death, golems deal damage to opponents troops in the surrounding area, acting like a giant bomb, then splitting into two golemites to tank more damage.
Disadvantage: Same as P.E.K.K.As, except that golems will fill up a fully upgraded Clan Castle, making it unable to place in more troops.

Thank you for spending your time reading all these words that I spent three hours working on. If you happen to be clanless, check my former clan out 'A$$Raiders', looking for level 50+ players, or my current clan out 'DRAGONFLOWER', looking for level 70+ players.

Have a great day!
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