How To Reach The Masters League (2600) Without Gemming

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  • Jan 23, 2014 (105 months ago)
A strategy guide written by Lobsta of clan poland!!

Anyone who has had a look at the top ranked players in the top ranked clans knows that these leagues are for “Gemmers”. Maxed out defenses, bright blue level 11 walls and maxed out level 40 heroes. Unless you own a desert full of crude oil to fund your escapades, a trophy rating of 4000+ seems out of the question.

However, a trophy score of 2600 is real and would put your village in the enviable Masters League, not to mention achieving the “League All Star” 2 stars achievement earning you a handy 1000 gems! If that wasn't enough, the win bonus of 75,000 elixir, 75,000 gold and 400 dark elixir per battle sure does sweeten the deal.

The only problem with getting to 2600 and becoming a Master is that the competition is tough. With my experienced strategies, and your tactical genius, you’ll get there in no time.

The 3 most important things to consider are Clan Selection, Base Design and Army Composition.

***** Clan Selection *****

The no 1 most important thing to success is clan selection. If you are going to climb the ranks, you need the support of a good donating clan. It doesn't matter where they’re from, what language they speak (or don’t speak), what matters is that they donate the troops that you need and pronto. Every time you battle you want a full compliment of troops to bolster your own armies and every time you log offline you want those extra troops to protect your base. I suggest you join a clan that has a minimum donation requirement of at least 500 per fortnight. This isn't too serious as even the casual player should be able to donate this much. Most importantly, if someone in your clan is receiving hundreds of troops but only donating in the tens, it’s time to kick them out and let them move on to a clan that tolerates leeches. If this happens to be a clan elder, then it’s up to the clan leader to either do the kicking or to do a demotion and let the other clan elders decide this individual’s fate.

***** Base Design *****

Base design is extremely important. Once you have been playing for some time, you will notice that good bases generally follow a number of similar blueprints. These can be symmetrical or unsymmetrical.

Symmetrical bases mirror themselves no matter which way you look at them. These types of bases have the same strengths and weaknesses no matter which side the attacker attacks from. Against an experienced attacker, this type of base is best.

Unsymmetrical bases normally have a special feature, such as an open side that lures people to attack it, but it’s filled with hidden Teslas, bombs and assorted traps. This type of base can work a lot of the time when your ranking is up to 2400. From 2400-2600 the competition is a lot harder and you won’t find as many suckers to fall for your bait. An experienced attacker will pick apart your bases weaknesses within 30 seconds and commence a deadly assault on your base likely to end in tears.

Wall selection is very important. The current maximum level 6 wall breaker can destroy a level 6 wall (pink) in one hit. You need to spend about 1 month of gold farming to upgrade all of your walls to level 7 (purple). This will effectively reduce a 12 wall breaker army into a 6 wall breaker army as they will need two wall breakers to bust open a wall.

I recommend you do not try to get to 2600 without a level 10 Town Hall. I have not seen one there for many months now. The extra archer tower, canon and x-bow are handy, but the real defensive pain is the 2 Inferno Towers you get. The inferno towers can be set to target either one target or 5 at once. Keep them in the middle of your base and I recommend keeping them on single target. You should have enough defensive fire power with splash damage (wizard towers, mortars) to handle large groups of level 1 units, but it’s the dark meat shields like Golems and level 10+ archer queens and barbarian kings that you need to kill fast. Remember people up this high on the trophy ladder will have been upgrading their heroes and will normally not do an attack without them in their army.

Air defense is very important. You need to make sure you air defense is upgraded at least to level 6 (7 or 8 would be better). People trying to get to 2600 will spend time and resources on their armies, so expect to get hit with a 54 balloon army (including the maximum 6 that would fit in level 6 clan castle) with Queen and King and rage and heal spells. If this is happening too often consider setting your x-bows for anti air also.
A very common attack is the mass level 5 hog rider attack. This is an expensive army to build, but will wreck havoc on most unprepared bases. Since walls are irrelevant to these units, you have to really rely on good anti-hog bomb and trap placement. Study your defeats and make gaps inside your base for giant bombs at sweet spots when many units will meet up at, once they are over your walls.

When considering central building placements you need to put your town hall in the center of your base. There is no point trying to farm trophies if you leave your town hall outside your walls. Remember your farming trophies, not gold and elixir. Also place your clan castle, archer queen and barbarian king around your town hall. The more work and time an opponent has to put in to lure out your units before killing them outside your base, the better. Optimally you want your troops to engage the enemy inside your defensive lines and add to the fire power of your stationary defenses.

***** Army Design *****

Have you ever tried to launch an attack with an army of level 4 dragons? If you have, chances are you won’t do it again, not against a good base anyway. The way to win in Clash of Clans is to mix up your armies with the right units at the right time with the right spells as back up. When designing an army you have to consider the army cost. If it’s costing you an absolute fortune, you’re not making your money back from attacks and you’re going to run out funds on a sustained trophy climb. Try to make the best army with the best bang for your buck. The best units for this are the Archer Queen and Barbarian King. They are free and when upgraded are very strong. Unless you’re a “Gemmer”, you should have these between level 5 and 10 when attempting the Masters League trophy climb for the first time. Whenever you attack, make sure these troops are available. This may mean that you have to wait 1.5 hours between attacks.

Spells are an absolute must. No being cheap on these is allowed. You’re not in the little league any more; you need all the help you can get. The best two spells are the rage spell and the heal spell. I recommend the rage spells for armies based on giants and the heal spells for armies based on mass hog riders. The heal spells don’t really help with high health troops like Dragons, PEKKAs or Golems. They are fantastic with hog riders, but with many hog riders. If your opponent has their inferno towers set to multiple it will stop up to 10 troops (5 targets x 2 inferno towers) that they are targeting from healing, hence neutralizing the beneficial effects of the heal spell.

When using the rage spell, I recommend breaking into the opponent’s base, flooding it with a heap of troops, dropping the rage spell so that its entire radius is covering combat to get maximum benefit. They are also good if your queen is under siege and needs a small boost to finish off that pesky town hall and save your trophies. It’s quite common to win a battle with one star and get 4 trophies, but if you lose it might cost you 30 trophies. To climb the ranking ladder at that rate you would need to win 8 battles for every 1 battle you lost. These are the harsh realities of this demanding trophy area. If you want to be a Master, you will have to win the tough battles.

When attacking it’s important to consider which direction to attack from. The best way to attack is not directly from a side, but from a corner. This limits the troop’s dispersal angle from 180 degrees to just 90 degrees. This makes it much easier to control troop flow direction.

My favorite army type consists of the following: 20 giants, 12 wall breakers, barbarians, archers and goblins, archer queen, barbarian king and 5 rage spells. Send in a giant to lure out clan troops, queens and kings. Set upon them with barbarians and archers and the archer queen once they are outside the base. Maybe send in a giant as a meaty decoy for those pesky heroes to attack while the tier 1 units chew through them. Then drop in a few giants, once they draw fire from the defenses, send in 1 level 6 wall breaker for walls up to level 6 and 2 wall breakers for walls of level 7 and over. Keep dropping more giants a few tier 1 troops and more wall breakers. Drop the rage spells and work your way towards the town hall. Don’t be afraid to use 2 or 3 rage spells consecutively. They will rebuild in the time it takes for your heroes to heal for the next attack. If you can afford it, include a Golem and maybe some witches for back up. Witches are great for barbarian king killing outside the base walls as the skeletons will keep spawning new targets for the king and you won’t lose any troops.

My next favorite type of army is the parcel of hog riders (I had to google the collective noun of hog, turns out it’s a parcel). Try to get them to level 5 to get the most damage per second. Build as many you can, fill up your spell factory with heal spells and attack! Once they are over the first walls you can start dropping heal spells. I've seen even the toughest base fall to mass hog riders and heal spells. Just watch out for well placed giant bombs inside your opponent’s base. Two consecutive blasts can wipe out an army combined with splash damage from wizard towers. Once all the defensive buildings are destroyed they will clean up the rest in next to no time. The heroes will help clean up also.

The air attack! Many bases aren’t prepared for mass level 6 balloons. Avoid x-bows pointed in the air, and super upgraded air defense. Luckily at around 2400-2600 many people are spending big on armies and neglect to upgrade their air defenses. Take advantage of this weakness in this trophy range and bomb them back 2200!

I hope this guide helps, and remember, it is possible to compete with the "Gemmers" when your not one yourself, you just have to be smart about it. Now get out there and go pillage some town halls.

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