What to NOT do in Clash of Clans

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  • Jan 17, 2014 (106 months ago)
This is a guide on what to avoid in Clash of Clans, that people who cannot play the game well will do such things.

This is extremely common. Have you ever seen a level 8 Town Hall player with level 4 Walls? Players rush their Town Hall because they want to unlock more buildings, or they want to progress faster in the game.

These are the downsides of rushing your Town Hall:

-Match Cost
Every time you upgrade your Town Hall, your Match Cost increases. The Match Cost is the cost of pressing the 'Next' button when finding a base to raid in Multiplayer. Imagine that you rushed your Town Hall to level 10. Each time you press that 'Next' button, you lose 1k Gold. If you press it 100 times, you would lose 100k Gold! That would not be a problem for high level players, but for a rusher, it is extremely costly.

-Loot Multiplier
The higher your Town Hall level is, the lesser loot you get from bases that have a lower Town Hall level than yours. This problem is carried forward to the next step.

As you cannot get good loot from the lower leveled Town Hall bases, you have to get the loot from higher leveled bases, meaning that you have to increase your trophies. But then again, these high leveled players can demolish your rushed base and you have no way to get back at them because your troops are too low leveled to hardly destroy anything! This makes looting tougher.

What to actually do:
Max out at least
-Your Mortars, Wizard Towers, Archer Towers and Cannons.
-Walls, Air Defenses and Hidden Teslas can be 1-2 levels away from the max upgrade.

before upgrading your Town Hall.

Some would place Bombs and Hidden Teslas near their Town Hall, and even wall it up, even though they are farming have their Town Hall outside. The point of placing your Town Hall outside is to obtain a shield when it is destroyed, so you should always make it easy for your enemies to attack it. You can have your Town Hall in range of defenses, so long as the defenses are placed there for mainly other purposes. If necessary, place your Town Hall at an undefended corner.

Air Defense may not be a problem until Town Hall level 6. Air Defenses are able to target:
Air Defenses deal a lot of damage, that even a level 1 can deal 90 damage per second!

The problem is, some people do not understand how important it is to have an Air Defense, and once they build it, they put it outside and never upgrade it again.
If Air Defenses are not well protected an centralized, attack strategies such as Giant Healer, Mass Balloon and any strategy with Dragons in it will decimate your village. So always have your Air Defense well centralized and upgraded.

Thanks for spending your time reading this guide. Hope it helps!
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Have a great day! :D
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