What to look for when Raiding a Base

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  • Jan 08, 2014 (106 months ago)
Spotting abandoned villages is actually one of the most important Clash of Clans strategies for farming. Some hints are fairly obvious, but others are much more subtle. I will tell you some of the secerts I use to take out the "inactive" users.

- Tombstones: These show you that someone else has already drilled this base, they are a good sign that traps have been sprung too. Some chiefs leave them around as a trick, but I don’t run into that too much.

- League Badge: Anyone who has at least on win in the current 2 week league will have League Badge. You can tell when a new League starts, because your own League Badge will turn blank with a dotted line. Past a few days into a league, if you encounter clashers without a league badge, it means they aren’t attacking (and winning). That’s a pretty good sign they aren’t active.

- Sleeping builders: Clash of Clans is all about upgrades, painfully slow upgrades. Given that this is a central aspect of the game, it is unusual to find an active player who has no builders busy at any given time. Look for the “zzz” above the builders huts. If all of them are sleeping, chances are that chief has been gone a long time.

- The Gold Mine Gold Bin: I found out about this one recently, and it really makes a big difference. If you look carefully at the Gold Mine graphic, you will see a tiny bin just to the right of where the mine cart comes up. This bin actually indicates how much gold is in the Gold Mine, similar to the visual “fullness” indicator on the storages. Higher level Gold Mines take a long time to fill up (by level 8 it takes more than a day). Consequently, if you see full or mostly full gold bins it means the village is likely abandoned.

So it’s abandoned, so what? Abandoned villages are typically much easier to harvest for resources. The value you see in the upper left for “stealable” resources is likely mostly or totally in the collectors, which are usually much easier to get at. Spend troops efficiently, and enjoy the easy farming.

Thanks for reading!
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