The BEST way to farm at any Townhall - Detailed!

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  • Jan 06, 2014 (106 months ago)
In this guide, I will be telling you one of the most effective ways to farm at pretty much any Townhall level. I started using this at Townhall 6 and I am still using it now at Townhall 9.

1. Firstly, the army composition that you want to use:

With an army space of 220 (I will tell you what you can do later if you have less than 220 spaces):

x40 Barbarians
x64 Archers
x60 Goblins
x8 Giants
x8 Wallbreakers

If you have less that 220 spaces for your army, just decrease the amount of barbarians and, if need be, lose some goblins. As you can see this is a fairly simple composition but, when used in the right way, can be extremely effective. In terms of the levels of the troops, I would say you want them at the max level for your current Townhall - level 4 at Townhall 7, level 5 at Townhall 8, level 6 at Townhall 9 etc. The cost of this army composition varies from 52,640 Elixir at Townhall 7 to 79,200 Elixir at Townhall 9, with all maxed troops for that specific Towhall. This may seem expensive to some, but you will be able to get so much more back from raiding with this army. Spells are up to you really, but I like to use 2 lighting, 1 healing and 1 rage.

2. What you want to do right before attacking:

This is a quick tip which helps to cut the time for the troops to train next time you raid. Once the army is cooked up and your army camps are full, input 1 Giant, 5 Goblins, 5 Barbarians and 5 Archers into each of your barracks. As your raiding, these troops will begin to refill your army camps before you've even come back from the raid, which in the long run saves a lot of time. What this means is that you want to use at least 4 Giants, 20 Goblins, 20 Barbarians and 20 Archers in each raid in order to keep the right balance of troops. Keep that in mind.

3. Finally, how to use this composition when raiding.

This point is pretty obvious but the first thing to look for when searching is whether the base has a good amount of loot. In other words, does it pay off my army and gives me a good profit? If you find a base and the answer is yes, attack it. Bases are often one of two types.

The first type are ones where all the loot is in the gold mine and elixir collectors. It will be pretty obvious to you whether this is case; just look at them and see if they're filled at all. If this is the case, what you want to do is firstly, draw out the clan castle and Heroes (ALWAYS DO THIS). This is where your barbarians come into play. Activate the CC and Heroes, place an archer on a building out of reach of defences and draw the CC and Heroes to that archer. Then use your barbarians and a few archers to take care of them. Then drop archers on the rest of the buildings that are out of reach. Now, drop 1 giant in the middle of every 3 mines or collectors in order to distract the defences and sprinkle goblins behind the giant to take out the mines and collectors and get that money! If the mines and collectors are behind walls, just do exactly the same thing, but drop as many wallbreakers that you need straight after you drop the giant. Don't forget to use your archers as back up and to help you get to 50% or take out the townhall if it's exposed.

The other type of bases are the ones where the loot is in the storages inside the walls. This is much trickier than the first method but it can still be done 9 times out of 10. First you want to do the same as the first method and draw out the Heroes and CC troops to an undefended building and take them out with barbarians and archers. You then want to see which side of the base is closest to the storages. Then, drop any remaining barbs to take out all of the non-defensive buildings. If you have no barbs left, use archers but use them sparingly. After this, drop all 8 of your giants to act as tanks. Drop your wall breakers in pairs behind the giants and try and get the giants as far in to the base as possible. If you see your giants are dying quickly, drop a healing spell spell to get their health back up. The most important thing here is that you make a path to the storages, because this where you drop a good amount of archers to help out with your giants and finally spam your goblins in groups of about 10/15. If you haven't managed to make a clear path to the storages, drop a rage spell to beef up your goblins so they can break through any walls defending the storages. I like to drop my Heroes if the base is especially hard as they have a lot of health and can also deal a high amount of damage. After this, leave your troops to it as there is always the change of getting a 3-star. And that's it!

Thank you very much for reading my guide, I realise it is quite long! If you choose to try this out, I hope that is works as well for you as it has for me.

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