PART 2: What Armies to Use at 2000+ Range (TH 7-8)

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  • Jan 01, 2014 (106 months ago)
I never really planned on this, but this is PART 2 of "A Fast Effective Way to Hit the Crystal League (200 army space required). I found a little fun in making these guides for some reason.... I guess they don't only help others but it helps me remember what I did...

Here are 3 strong attacks that I used to get past 2000 trophies for a Town Hall 7 - 8.

Town Hall 7 Attacks:

Town Hall 7, personally this Town Hall doesn't have the strongest troops, because a Town Hall 8 has P.E.K.K.A.'s, Golems, etc.
#1 Dragons:
This is a fairly simple executed raid. The army is pretty pricey so I would recommend filling your elixir before you push.
9 Dragons 20 Archers | 3 Lightning Spells.
First when you look for a base, if it is possible look for a base with an AD (Air Defense) upgrading. If not, look for a base with fairly low level air defenses that aren't spread out on the base. Destroy the AD that covers the most ground with your 3 lightning spells. Spread out your Dragons on that side. If there is an AD that is covered by ONE layer of wall then use some archers to destroy the outside buildings and send 1-2 Dragons to destroy it. This attack will almost guarantee a 50%, and usually a 2 - star.

#2 Giants, Wizards, Healer.
This is a very strong army composition if you perform it right. It can easily 2 - 3 star a weak Town Hall 8 - 9.
15 Giants 17 Wizards 1 Healer 1 Dragon 1 Balloon 4 Archers 7 Wallbreakers | 3 Lightning Spells
Look for a base like for the Dragon raid, except that has lower level defenses. Use Archers to pickoff builders huts in corners (if there is). If not use them to lure out the clan castle. Bring them to AD so lightning will destroy CC (Clan Castle) . Place giants on the non - Air Defense side (if there is an air defense that is protected with one layer of walls place your giants there). Use necessary amount of Wallbreakers. Once AD is destroyed, place ONE BALLOON to check for Seeking Air Mine. Once the coast is clear place Healer. Place Wizards where Giants are heading (the giants are the meat-shield while Wizards destroy). If it is a stronger base, place Dragon. Place Wallbreakers as needed.

#3 Hogs:
This army is once again very strong if it is executed correctly, it will guarantee a 2-3 star.
30 Hogs (preferably level 2) 9 Minions 4 Archers 7 Wizards | 1 Lightning Spell 2 Healing Spells
Look for a weak Town Hall 9 base or anything lower. Never attack a base with an Archer Queen as you don't have the army spaces required to take her out. Lure out Barbarian King (BK) with archers. If possible lure CC as well. Destroy CC with lightning spells. Use 4-6 Minions to kill BK. Place all hogs at nearest Wizard Tower. Use healing spells very carefully because you only have two. Use them when hogs health gets to about 1/3 health. Once hogs destroy the defenses spread out Wizards & Minions to cleanup. Also place BK if you have one.

Town Hall 8 Attacks:

#1 Dragons:
A little different from the Town Hall 7 method.
8 Dragons 20 Minions | 3 Lightning Spells
Use lightning spells to do the same as Town Hall 7. If exposed AD use some Minions. Spread out Dragons and place Minions once Dragons get to the middle.

Very strong attack, guaranteed 2 star.
2 Golems 3 PEKKAS 14 Wizards 4 Wallbreakers 1 Archers | 1 Lightning 2 Rage
Look for any base with 30+ trophies that has below level 10 or below Cannons & Archer Towers. Place Golems at strongest side of base. Use wallbreakers to let Golem get in. Place 4 Wizards to destroy outside buildings. Use remaining wallbreakers to get farther in. Place PEKKAS slowly, use them so they go into the middle. Once PEKKAS are place use Rage. Place remaining Wizards. Once they get to the center place another Rage. Use lightning on CC once they are out.

#3 Hogs
Exact same as Town Hall 7, just higher level troops. This attack wasn't really #3, so I'll make another one ;)

#4 Balloons
Easy 1-2 star. Very fast training and cheap.
28 Balloons (level 5+) 30 Minions | 1 Lightning 2 Rage
Look for a base with an easy to get to AD. Place 4 Balloons if AD is easy to get to. Find the AD that's behind 2 layers of walls. Place a couple Balloons to check for Air Bombs. Spam the rest. Use Lightning when the CC comes out. Use Rage at the Air Defense. Once one side is cleared place Minions to clean up. Place the next rage when Balloons get to the next AD. If performed correctly you will always get 1 AT LEAST 1 star.

Wow this was a really long guide....sorry about that. Hopefully you only read for your Town Hall level. I'm a Town Hall 8, so I have no experience with Town Hall 9. Comment below if I missed something! If you had the patience to read it all then congrats! You just became (maybe) *that* must better at Clash. Happy New Year!!!
Don't be hating if I had a typo.
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