Best Farming Strategy Town Hall 7+

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  • Dec 29, 2013 (106 months ago)
Introduction: I am a mature town hall 8 and have recently used this strategy to farm. I have had HUGE storage raids as well as wiped out many bases with this strategy. Also, my clan mates love it when I donate dragons. Yes, this is a farming strategy that uses dragons. Don't freak out! We are going to use the dragons efficiently with minimal training time.

Basic Overview: We will use giants(with help of wall breakers and spells)to take out defenses, particularly air defenses, tier 1 troops to take out other buildings on side of attack as well as collectors, and dragons to wipe out storages and the rest of the base.

Troops to Use: As I stated, I am a town hall 8. I am therefore able to train dragons in all 4 barracks and have 200 housing space for my army. This strategy is most efficient if you can train dragons in every barrack, but you can modify it if you have less barracks that train dragons. In addition, I will be using an army composition that takes up 200 troops, but again, you can modify the army for more or less troop slots.

Dragons-2(use more if you want to attack higher level bases)
Giants-16(use no less than 12, use more if necessary)
Wall Breakers-8(My wall breakers are level 5 and can destroy many walls in 1 hit, yet I use 8 in case the walls cannot be 1 hit. Use the amount you feel would be best for the base levels you most often attack)
Archers-40 or 44(I always have 4 extra spaces after training the amount I need and usually use this space for extra archers. Otherwise I use 2 more barbarians and goblins. Tier 1 troops should be modified based on army camp slots and what you like)
Goblins-10 or 12(see above)
Barbarians-10 or 12(see above)

Other Troops You May Want to Use: For people who want to trophy push with this strategy, you can replace some of your giants with hog riders. Also, if you want to use a healer to aid your giants after they take out the first air defense, feel free. You may also want to use minions. When doing this either treat them as a tier one troop or send them behind the dragons using the dragon as an air bomb shield.

How to Train: This may be the most important part of the strategy. This is where we minimize training time for the dragons. Train your troops before attacking. On your first time using the strategy, start by training a dragon in 2 barracks. Then train 10 archers per barrack followed by 3 barbarians and 3 goblins. Next train 4 giants per barrack as well as 2 wall breakers. End by training a dragon in the two barracks you didn't train a dragon in already. After your first time using the strategy, you can leave out step 1 which is training a dragon in 2 barracks, because the dragons will already be trained and waiting for some spaces to open up! (There will be exclamation marks over barracks you trained the two dragons in.) Just train everything else, including the 2 extra dragons, and you are set! After the first time, the strategy takes less than 20 minutes!* Below is a chart showing how to train.

In Order
Barracks 1 & 2 Barracks 3 & 4
1 dragon 10 archers
10 archers 3 barbarians
3 barbarians 3 goblins
3 goblins 4 giants
4 giants 2 wall breakers
2 wall breakers 1 dragon

*This is not considering the extra training time of the 2nd dragons. You can attack within 20 minutes, but the next attack's dragons will not be ready. You can use this layover period to get a life. (It's a joke, laugh!)

How to Attack: Send in giants near an air defense(send in a barbarian first to test for spring traps if you want.) Then use wall breakers to get the giants into the walls. Use spells if necessary. After the giants are about half health, send in barbarians followed by some archers(spread to prevent single mortar attack)where you sent in the giants. Use your goblins and left over archers to take out collectors around the base or to take out builder huts in the corners. You can also send in the goblins by the collectors. By now your giants are all but dead and your tier 1 troops are getting laid out by mortars. But no worries, you still have your beast finisher! If you think you can wipe out the base, send the dragons in by any air defenses that are left. If none are left, send them by wizard towers or archer towers. If you don't think your dragons can demolish the base, send them to the nearest, most abundant loot. Also make sure that you DO NOT send them near an air defenses if you cannot demolish the base, unless the air defense is really exposed. This rule can also apply to archer towers and wizard towers if possible.

Donations and Heroes: This strategy is great because it allows you to give your clan dragons and reach donation quotas faster as well as pleasing (almost) everyone. This has especially helped in my higher leveled clan, Pink Cheese. (Comment your game center, current clan, and in game name if you want to join. Must be level 75+ with level 5+ archers to join. Must have 2000 trophies to apply in game, any trophy amount for out of game.) After donating the dragon, the extra one you trained for next attack will pop out. You can either train another dragon, or not sacrifice training time by training 10 minions instead of a dragon for your next attack. The next thing about donations is, what do you want in your clan castle? Some things you should ask for are hog riders(either send in behind giants or send in near a different air defense), a healer(use to aid giants), a dragon(use like other dragons), minions(use behind archers or dragon), and finally, for those of you in stingy or low level clans, archers and barbarians will work too(send in with rest of barbarians and archers). Send in heroes sometime after giants and no later than with dragons.

Conclusion: If you have read this far, I want to say thank you. I hope you (and your clan mates) love this strategy as much as I do. If you have any questions, post it in the comments. Don't forget to check out my clan Pink Cheese, and clash on!
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