The BEST attack strategy!

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  • Dec 28, 2013 (106 months ago)
Hey guys, I have an amazing, well-working strategy for a 200 spot army camp. This works amazing with Town Hall 7,8,9,10. If you have more army spots available, I would fill them in with wizards and archers/barbarians. I used this strategy and it got me all the way to masters league!!! I am a Town Hall level 8 and this strategy is my favorite. It costs around 128,000 elixir with all level 5 troops but is SUPER effective.

The strategy consists of:
16 Giants
20 Wizards
12 Wall breakers
8 Archers
8 Barbarians
1 Barbarian and Archer Queen/King
2 Rage Spells
1 Healing Spell
Clan Castle preferably filled with wizards, archers or dragon.

How to use this strategy:
Step #1. The MOST Important Step
Lure out the heroes, and most importantly, try to get all the clan castle troops out. You will do this with the barbarians. The leftover barbarians and archers will be used to destroy the heroes and opponents clan castle troops. These are some ways of how to deal with them.
a)Just lvl 1-5 barbarian king: Your barbarians and archers will be enough to take him out.
b)Just lvl 1-5 archer queen: Your barbarians and archers will be enough to take her out.
c)Just a dragon in clan castle: Your archers, and your clan castle. Maybe a couple wizards. Try not to attack bases with a dragon in the CC. It is the hardest to take care of a dragon.
d)Just archers or barbarians or goblins or giants in clan castle: Your archers and barbarians will be enough.
e) a/b and d: Your archers and barbarians will be enough.
f) a and b and d: Your clan castle, barbarians and archers
g) a and b: Your archers, barbarians and 2 wizards.
h) a and b and c: Hardest to deal with. Use all of your archers, barbarians, clan castle and 4 wizards.

When you finish taking care of all the CC troops and heroes, move onto step 2.

Step #2. The attack.
Find a side of the base that has the easiest access to the splash damage defensive structures. Drop all of your giants at once, followed by a couple wall breakers. When the giants' health gets orange or red from splash defenses use the healing spell. Use 3-4 wizards to clean up the unneeded buildings outside of the walls. When that is done, drop 4 more wall breakers into the center of the base. When the giants get to a big area of defensive buildings, drop a rage spell, and keep on doing that when a lot of defenses are around them. Drop the rest of wizards, clan castle troops and wall breakers to help you demolish the base. When there is a straight passage to the center, drop your heroes and watch them demolish the base.

This strategy is the best when used properly. Up in crystal league 2 and 1 you can never lose with this strategy if your a pro with it. Trust me, it got me to masters league, and I am still gaining trophies!!!

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