Advanced Wallbreaker Defense Guide

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  • Dec 26, 2013 (106 months ago)
Wallbreakers are the puppet strings by which, in combination with drop placement, ground attackers direct their troops. It's critical to stop them opening a path to your town hall. Yet at high cups you'll often face 3-6 waves of wallbreakers making building a decent townhall defence extremely hard.

To begin building your wallbreaker defence, you need to first understand how wallbreakers work...
- Where do they go? They target the nearest closed (partly or fully) pocketed building in it from the drop point. If there are excess, wallbreakers the will retarget the next closest building from their location that is fully or partly pocketed [for advanced players a wallbreaker needs to run about 17 squares before a building is considered partly pocketed]. See Flammy's Ultimate Wallbreaker Guide for more on the wallbreaker AI (artificial intelligence)
- What area of damage? They do splash damage so will destroy walls directly next to the primary impact wall.

So how do you defend against wallbreakers?

There are two basic strategies:
1. Control which walls they destroy - by directing them away from the critical walls protecting your townhall and critical middle defence buildings (like infernos)
2. Kill them before they hit walls - harder but essential in dealing with many waves of wallbreaker attack

To control where they go you need to create pocketed buildings that draw the wallbreakers, and also ensure the attack drop points dont allow an easy drop to the walls that you are seeking to protect. My tips on doing this are:
- Use your huts and telsas (2x2 buildings) to create more building pockets without consuming much wall. The more pockets you have the more wallbreaker "magnets" you have to keep wallbreakers away from your critical walls.
- Don't place your defensive wallbreaker pockets close to your townhall protecting walls. Extra wallbreakers 'retarget' to the next closest pocketed building after destroying a building pocket. If that next building is your centre then extra wallbreakers will clear a path to your townhall.
- Use multiple defensive wallbreaker "magnets" to draw wallbreakers away from townhall defensive walls, because buildings in a pocket will often get destroyed neutralising the effect in drawing wallbreakers, and players typically use multiple waves of wallbreakers. I opt for three wallbreaker magnets a side on my latest base (12 on the base).
- Design your base so the attack drop points will direct the wallbreakers to your wallbreaker defensive magnets rather than your crucial middle walls.
- Don't use double walls. Wallbreaker splash damage destroys neighbouring walls.

Next is killing wallbreakers before they destroy your walls. The two main tools at your disposal are ground bombs and traps, and defense that can deal fast damage on multiple targets (to kill a wallbreaker bunch).
- Place your spring traps, big bombs and pairs of small bombs (pairs of maxed small bombs will destroy a max wb) near the walls you wish to protect. Be careful not to place them in a path where golems will set them off - you want them triggered by wallbreakers, wizards, witches or hogs.
- Use decoy walls and pockets with no defence buildings to route the wallbreakers to hit walls where your traps are placed.
- Use multi- infernos and wiz towers to protect your critical walls. Pay attention to their range relative to where golems will path... Because golems will neutralise wiz towers if they draw their fire.

Wallbreaker defense is extremely challenging. Hopefully with a few of these tips you can direct attacking troops away from your townhall and celebrate many crushing defensive victories!!


PS: Have a few wallbreaker defense base samples posted if you like to see this in action
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