How do i create a farming base? (Guide, in-depth)(Th7+)

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  • Dec 25, 2013 (106 months ago)
First of all, i am in no means a professional player. I am not a town hall 10, 4000 trophy superstar. I am just an everyday player in the farming stage, occasionally trophy pushing to crystal 1+. I'm just here to share what i've done My Way. Do not let this guide restrict your creativity! There's a good chance that your method of creating a base will be much better than mine!

- I highly emphasize the studying of other bases to how they are arranged. This guide alone is likely not enough to create a top quality base, it is more of a guideline to follow when creating the base.
Creating a base is not an easy task, and it shouldnt be an easy task.
Of course there is always an option to copy off of a site such as this one, however, creating a base can help to match your personal necessities as well as providing a learning experience for not only base creation, but for understanding the game. This guide was created to help the th7+ create a base to protect their resources, instead of just giving a player a design to copy off of. After all, give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime!

- For those who do not know, farming is when a player decides to hang at a lower trophy count to collect resources & grow as opposed to trophy pushing, in which a player chooses to achieve the highest trophy count possible, protecting the town hall.
- A farming base is designed to help protect storages & collectors, without much protection to the town hall. Leaving the town hall far outside the base will let players attack your base, destroy your town hall, & give you a 12-hour shield! Worth? Definetly :F

- Creating layers of walls is very important! Surrounding a huge mass of buildings with walls is a terrible way to design a base.
- To create the most effective farming base, you should create multiple sections of walls, inserting 1-5 buildings in each section. These sections should be connected, Each defense should be able to defend another defense.

Create a farming base

note: If you have no resources and/or are inactive, replacing storages with collectors may be a good idea
Regarding heroes, they can be placed in the middle, or outside the base.
Step 1: Centralized buildings
For farming, it is important to centralize mortars, storages, & the clan castle. (Maybe wizard towers & air defense) (Xbows/inferno if you own them) Having a clan castle in the middle of the base will make the troops hard to draw out, resulting in frustration & damage directed towards the attacker. Having mortars centralized will help to damage groups of giants or tier 1 troops (Archers, Goblins, & Barbarians ) as these are commonly used while farming. In my opinion, you should not be farming above Crystal 2 or 1 in trophies. Xbows & inferno towers should always be well protected, being a heavy source of damage. Storages should be placed near wizard towers as this will prevent goblins from grouping and destroying the storages.

-TH7 Mortars & air defenses should cover as much space in the base as possible. Wizard towers should be somewhat centralized; guarding storages.
- TH8 Mortars, air defenses, & wizards should be placed in a triangle, covering as much space in the base as possible
- TH9 Mortars placed in a triangle, air defenses & wizards placed in a square. Xbows centralized
- TH10 Mortars, air defenses, & wizards placed in a square. Xbows and infernos centralized

Step 2: Outer buildings
These buildings should be outside the centralized buildings, but remaining inside the walls:
Archer tower, cannon, tesla (can be placed anywhere), air defense (unless farming high trophies). Resource collectors (If you have room)

-Try not to make your base too wide or too tall, doing so will weaken other sides of the base!

- Create multiple wall sections air defenses & wizard towers preferably towards the middle of the base. Outer wall sections should have 2-3 buildings in them if you only had 1-building sections in the middle of the base.

Archer towers & cannons should be able to defend buildings on the outside. An lone archer should not be able to take out a collector without retaliation! To protect the laboratory & army camp may prove difficult. If you can't protect them, you can't protect them, don't panic! Air defenses should cover as much room in the base as possible, do not place them too far out unless you have to. As previously mentioned, wizard towers should be placed within range of storages to prevent grouping of goblins. Try to sneak in a tesla wherever you can. Resource collectors can be placed within wall sections near cannons & archer towers, if you have leftover space.

Step 3: Forsaken buildings! (Buildings outside the walls)
Buildings outside the walls should consist of:
Collectors, barracks, army camps, laboratory, spell factory, builder huts, & the town hall.

-Outside buildings should not be vulnerable to being picked off by one archer!

Earning the main priority are the collectors, these should be closest to the outer layer of defenses (Archers towers & Cannons). I find it best if collectors are protected by at least two defenses. Any indents in the base are also a good placed to place collectors.

All other buildings should be protected by at least one defense (Dont panic if your army camps or laboratory are vulnerable)

-Another option of placing these forsaken buildings would to place them much farther outside the walls. For this method, buildings should be placed so that troops cannot be deployed too close to the base, the buildings increasing the territory of your base. Although this method will allow for easy defeats & picking off concerning collectors, conducting this method of defense will prevent wall breakers from being deployed accurately. The wall breakers as well as other troops will have a hard time reaching the center of your base where your precious resources lie.

Step 4: ITS A TRAP

-While farming, i don't recommend the re-arming of giant bombs or seeking air mines. These traps are very expensive to re-arm, i would only use these while trophy hunting.

- These should be placed in between buildings so that troops travelling from one building to another will detonate them.

Spring traps
- If you can, place these inside the base near defenses. OR substitute a wall with a spring trap. Switching a wall with a spring trap will lure troops towards that gap, only to be killed! I would not switch out too many walls as this will result in easy infiltration of the base
- If you have no space within the base, spring traps will also do well in between buildings, or near wall-junctions. (Connections of wall sections).

Air bomb
- These should be placed all around the base covering as much air-space as possible. this will prevent the deploying of groups of minions.

Santa strike (limited edition?)
- This should be placed near your town hall, which SHOULD be far outside the walls.
- Hopefully, troops will detonate it resulting in a pretty batch of presents waiting for you

That has been my guide on how to create a farming base! It's obviously not the best guide :P Feel free to submit your feedback. This is my first guide, and i would like everyone's opinions whether good or bad. Happy hunting, & merry christmas!
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