A Fast Effective Way to Hit the Cyrystal League (200 army space)

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  • Dec 10, 2013 (107 months ago)
I'm sure a lot of people would like to get to the Crystal League. In my opinion, it's fairly simple. All it takes is time and commitment. A good defense base would also be very helpful! For a Town Hall 7, I'd prefer TH7 Master and Slave by 2.71828182VA. For a TH 8, I'd prefer Sammysox12's Trophy Base by The Lieutenant. Here's how to do it:

First, as the title says you need at least 200 spaces in your camps. This attack strategy is good for a TH 7-8, as it will easily get you to Crystal League in about 2-4 days, starting from about 1000-1400 trophies. Your army composition:
The classic 100 barbarians and 100 archer strategy, preferably level 4+. It is always handy to have a factory full of lightning spells, the higher the level the better. This method is very successful at getting an easy 1-2 stars, and occasionally 3 stars. How to execute:

Step 1 - Looking for a Match:
Before you go out searching for a match, fill up your barracks so they start training while your in battle which makes it even faster (25 archers and Barbarians for each). Look for a base, a Town Hall 7 or a fairly weak Town Hall 8, don't attack a Town Hall 9-10 becuase you will most likely loose. You have to find a base where a good amount of buildings outside of walls. When your down in the leagues when you have the option look for a base that has 28+ trophies available, that way you can get 7-11 trophies, compared to a base with only 13 trophies available and the one star will only get you 4 trophies.

Step 2 - Preparing for Battle:
First, try to use your archers to destroy some free buildings, for example an exposed builders hut at the corner. This helps out tons, giving you an easy couple percentage. If you see an exposed Town Hall, a farmer for instance, think about attacking it. Think if he were to revenge you how would it be? He could revenge you when you're higher in trophies and you could suffer from a devasting lost. I once lost 39 trophies when a farmer revenged me....yup. Also, if there is lure out the King and Queen. The most efficient way for this is to group them together, at a corner of the base, then surround them both with Barbarians then Archers. This make them have to turn for each attack making them slower.

Step 3: Goin' all out:
Now, here is the most crucial part of the raid. First you MUST start out with Barbarians. This method is easiest with an iPad, as it has a large screen. Zoom out all the way, so you can see the base. Now do the strategy I call F.F.F. (Four Finger Fighting). You deploy using two fingers for BOTH side of the base at once, and make sure you go fast enough to surround the base before your 100 Barbarians runs out fast. And right after that, do the exact same thing except with your archers. You want a base with most of the buildings outside so that way your Barbarians and archers will get all the outside buildings and some inside for a simple 50%. This may seem slow, but after about 30-40 raids like this you will easily get a couple hundred trophies. This will not always win as sometimes the persons clan castle will have something unfortunate like a Dragon.

Step 4 - The Backup Plan:
Now, occasionally you will not hit the 50%. If you watched during your attack, you may see some buildings almost died, (Lower than 50% health). Now here's where your lightning spells come into play. Now if you are nowhere wear 50%, (for example below 43%), then just surrender and don't waste your lightning spells. If you drop a lightning spell at a building with low health, it will get you another 1-2%. Now if you cant find any of these buildings, target the low hp buildings (Hero altars, barracks, builders huts, and sometimes a low level laboratory (probably 5 and below)).

Thanks for reading my guide, if you had the patience to read all the way to the end. I thank you for that. Sorry for making it so long, but I wanted to make it as derailed as possible so you wouldn't lose. Now if you're a Town Hall 7 and at Crystal League, go brag to your friends at your amazing accomplishment!! Happy clashing everyone!!
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