TH8-9 Attacking Guide (farming only)

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  • Nov 29, 2013 (107 months ago)
Remember, for farming you only want to attack bases with 150+ gold/elixir.

BAM: Barbarians, Archers, Minions

20-30 minions
Make the rest of your troops half archers and half Barbarians.

2 Rage spells
1 Healing

The way this strategy works is you lay down your archers and barbarians targeting wizard, archer, and air defenses. Once your troops have made a dent, lay down your minions targeting collectors and storages. Use your healing spell if necessary. Once your minions reach the storages, play your rage spells for extra gold/elixir.

There are many different variants of this, but this is the one I find works the best. Try different ideas and combinations of this strategy!


10-15 wall breakers
2 Healers
Make the rest of your troops half archers and half barbarians

1 Healing
2 Lightning

Find someone with easily accessible air defenses. Use some archers and barbarians to kill most of them. Use Wall breakers if necessary. Use healing spells if necessary. Then, lightning air defenses or mortars. Then, deploy healers along with rest of troops, targeting storages and mines.

This is my first guide, but feel free to experiment with different ideas
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