HRMB Attack guide

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  • Nov 28, 2013 (105 months ago)
I'm sure most of you have seen a variation of this attack used. This guide will explain what the HRMB army is and how to use it effectively.

Army: Currently I can hold 200 spaces in my camps, three spells, and 25 clan castle troops. This army can be used if you hold less or more troops it will just take some creativity on your part. Isn't that part of the fun in the game?
1 Heal spell (preferably level three or higher)
2 Rage spells (Preferably level three or higher
10 minions (any level)
36 Balloons (preferably level 5 or higher)
Clan castle works best with archers and or minions

What kind of base to attack:
-Farming bases
-Bases with low level air defense (level 6 and lower)
-Bases with low level wizard towers (level 5 and lower is preferable)
-Bases with exposed clan castle
-Bases with exposed archer queen if applicable

How to attack:
Guessing you found the perfect, yet well defended base to attack; start by trying to alert the archer queen (if they have one) and the clan castle. Just use a minion or two. If they have both make sure both are alerted before the next step

Send a minion to attack a non defense building that no defenses range can hit. This will bring the alerted troops over to it (if any) then drop your clan castle. If that alone will not kill all of them send in minions until all enemy troops and killed.

Now comes the balloons. Pick a side to attack. I usually choose the side with the most air defenses so I can get them out of the way fast. Send in your balloons around about half the base. DO NOT send them in ground because wizard towers use splash damage instead swipe your finger left to right then back again (or vise-versa). One the balloons are inside the base drop a rage spell on a group of balloons that have the most defenses near them. You can use the second rage spell for another group of balloons or save it for when the balloons are farther in the base.
If a wizard towers is doing a lot of damage to your balloons drop in your heal spell. Drop too early, or drop too late and it may not end well.

The remaining troops you have (if any) are used for clean up if your balloons cannot finish off the base in the remaining time.

This army almost always gets me a three star raid until crystal one them it drops to one or two stars. This is a great army to use for revenge when you can get a lot of trophies.