Dragon wizard strategy

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  • Nov 25, 2013 (107 months ago)
This strategy uses wizards to kill easy air defense and for garbage on the outside and then dragons to demolish the inner portion of the base

What youll need

X6 dragons (preferably level two or more)
X20 wizards (required level four or more)
X3 lightning spells ( optional but highly recommended)

What you need to do

First you must find a base with easy access air defense or easy kill air defense ( they can have one well protected air defense)
If they have an air defense that is hard to get to, use the lightning spells to kill it
If there are clan castle troops, put a few wizards on them
Next put wizards on any air defense that are on the first layer of walls or not in walls at all
Finally, drop all of your dragons near an archer tower and watch them kill everything

Remember that this raid is quite expensive but its good for trophy pushing or if you have no use for elixir
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