What Buildings To Upgrade You're A New Town Hall Level

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  • Nov 24, 2013 (107 months ago)
When I raid I see many "rushed" players. This means that they upgraded their Town Hall too fast and did not upgrade any, or very little, of the buildings that they have. I'm creating this guide to hopefully help players not do this. This guide will give you an idea as to what to upgrade when you're a new Town Hall.
First of all, if you're going to be a serious "Clasher", you're going to have to buy $50 of gems or the "Box of Gems" which will give you 6,500 gems. Buy the 3rd, 4th, and 5th builders with these gems (3,500 gems in total). Don't spend the extra 3,000 gems you will have on upgrading buildings, save them for finishing the Town Hall upgrade. Well let us get into the actual topic of this guide.
The number 1 priority when your Town Hall finishes upgrading, is to build every-single building you possibly can, walls included also. This will make it easier to make your base, since you have all buildings you can, seeing what building you need to protect, and what can be outside the walls. Also before the buildings you previously had, upgrade the buildings you just built to the previous Town Hall level's max level! This will help greatly.
Gold Priorities
#1:Splash Damage buildings always first! Mortars, and Wizard Towers are the two Splash Damage Buildings. Mortars should be the first building to be upgraded to a higher level. They will do the most damage if they are centralized. Get them to the Max level you can at your Town Hall level. Wizard towers are second to be upgraded. They will do mass damage to Goblins, Archers, Barbarians and Giants! Put the Wizard Tower next to you Gold and Elixir Storages. This will greatly help save your resources.
#2: Clan Castle. The Clan Castle is very important offensively and defensively. It can let you have up to 30 more troops to raid with, or defend your base. Yes, it is expensive and a decently long upgrade, but trust me, it is extremely helpful and important.
#3: Single Target defenses. Cannons, Archer Towers, Hidden Teslas. I know that X-Bows, and Inferno Towers are also single target buildings, but I do not know much about these buildings and you can only get them at Town Hall 9 and 10. Air Defense are also Single Target buildings, but I will talk about them in a different area. Cannons should be the first Single Target building to be upgraded for 3 reasons. #1 they do decent damage. #2 They are one of the shortest buildings to upgrades in the game. #3 They are one of the cheapest buildings to upgrade in the game also. Archers are second for 2 reasons. #1 Although they do a good amount of damage, they take a long time to upgrade. #2 They are expensive to upgrade! Hidden Teslas are the last to upgrade to for 3 BIG reasons. #1 Just to build them they are 1,000,000 Gold and take 2 days to finish. #2 They are very expensive. #3 They take extremely long!
#4: Air Defense. Air Defense don't really become important until you're Town Hall 6-10 since the lower level players won't want to wait 8 minutes to train one Balloon, or many of them for just one raid. The Air Defense cost quite a bit, they double their cost every upgrade (270k Gold, 540K Gold 1,080,000 Gold, etc.). They also take a long time, making them not a huge priority at first.
#5: Elixir Storages and Gold Mines. Pretty self-explanatory.
Elixir Priorities
#1: Laboratory. This should be the first upgrade because higher level Laboratory= Higher level troops= More Loot from raids= better base.
#2: Barracks and Army Camps: Barracks would be the first upgrade in my opinion because, it unlocks better troops, and you can train more troops. Army Camps would be second because it is expensive and can take a long time to upgrade, but it does allow you to hold more troops, making it better for you in raids. Dark Elixir Barracks will be last due to the difficulty to get Dark Elixir to train the troops. It is also very expensive to upgrade, and takes a very long time to upgrade.
#3: Spell Factory. Spell Factories are very helpful in raids, since it allows you train Spells, Which can change the raid dramatically. It can be expensive and a long upgrade, thus not making it the #1 priority.
#4: Gold Storages, Gold Mines and Dark Elixir Drills. Pretty self-explanatory.
Dark Elixir Priorities
First I just want to say, I do not know a TON about Dark Elixir things.
#1 Heroes: Build them! They help a ton on offense. They also make people waste time when raiding your base because they will want to lure them to the edge of the base so they don't get in the way in the middle of the raid.
#2 Troop Upgrades: Whenever you have the Dark Elixir upgrade them.
I hope this guide has been helpful. I am sorry I do not know much about Dark Elixir Things. CLASH ON!!!
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