How to Farm lots of gold in few raids

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  • Nov 23, 2013 (107 months ago)
My best tricks to farm 1 million gold per hour is to use the BAM strategy, one of the best gold farming strategies. BAM consists of Barbarians, Archers and Minions, and is pretty easy to master with the right tricks. (Note: BAM usually makes 1 million+ gold in an hour)

How do I train my BAM:
2 Barracks train Barbarians
2 Barracks train Archers
Dark Barracks train Minions

There are many spell compositions that can be used, but my preference is to have 2 Rage and 1 Healing. Of Course, the spells are optional, but it may help in the battle.

Types of bases you want to find:
1) Bases with at least 1k per troop used (e.g. if you have 10 barbarians used, the goal is to get 10k gold)
2) Bases with lots of loot in the mines and pumps
3) Try looking for bases with exposed Wizard Towers
4) Try looking for bases with a lot of loot in the mines and pumps.
5) Also, bases where the heroes are inactive

How do you use BAM correctly:
1) Draw circles around the base with barbarians first (to distract) and do the same with archers.
2) Look for a good spot (according to the number of wizard towers and air defenses) to spam your minions, and send it in. If you have spells, use your rage spell when your minions get to the heart of the storages.(To ensure that you get a lot of resources)

Another method is Junliang's 40/60/40/8/10 combo, but it makes half the production of BAM, if you are running low on Dark Elixir, or saving up for an upgrade or a buy, try this strategy.

It consists of:
40 Barbarians
60 Archers
40 Goblins
8 Giants
10 Wall Breakers
(Note, you can substitute 4 Barbarians for a wizard to take care of Clan Castle)

Type of bases you want to find:
1) Bases with at least 225k gold.
2) Bases with exposed Clan Castle

Spell Combos:
I would prefer 2 Lightning and 1 Rage (You can use lightning to destroy a mortar or another splash tower)

Steps for this strategy:
1) Drop a barb/archer/goblin to look for clan castle troops, and lure the BK. If there is clan castle, use your barbarians and archers or your wizard to destroy both.
2) Use a giant or 2 to distract, and send in Wall Breakers right after distraction (Note: Do not drop your Wall Breakers when a mortar shell is incoming, or your wall breakers will be smashed.)
3) Start dropping your barbs/archers/goblins, but in a small group (e.g. 5) each time, to reduce splash damage of mortar or wizard towers.
4) Use your rage spell as your troops reach the heart of the opponent's storages.
5) Once the storages has been destroyed, you can wait for your troops to get you a star of two, or you can surrender. Here is a video of the attack strategy:

We have a farming clan Spartomans, which can teach you methods to farm lots of resources. To join us, you need Lvl 5 Archers and 1400 trophies, hope to see you there, and good luck with your farming!
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