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posted 67 months ago
Balloonion Composition:What a balloonion raid is is a combination of balloons and minions.When you train them make sure you have a fair amount.If town hall 8 like me you would maybe do 20 ballons and 30 minions . Im not max so I wont know.To do a raid like this you need rage spells.Maybe 3 and a freeze if inferno towers are multy targets. 1:You must look for a raid with air defences outside and archertowers.First, use a barb. to check if theres any troops in the CC.if there is use a lightning spell or balloon take them out. 2: put two rage spells right next to eachother and throw down ballons. 3:when they are all dead use the last balloons to take out the rest of the defences.Remember to use the freeze. 4:When all ballons are dead,Send in minions to pick off the rest of the buildings.And enjoy your loot.

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