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Huan Yi said: "Although this ice is difficult to attack, as long as you have confidence, even if you can't break through it." Huai Bin looked helpless and nodded his head slightly. When he wanted to wield the lotus sword and attack the original ice concave, a strange thing happened again! It turned out that at the moment when he was slightly surprised, the trace that had just been penetrated had disappeared, and it was still a complete piece of ice. Huai Bin sighed, "From this point of view, it's really not easy to break through such thick ice." Gu Taixuan said with a smile, "Do you know how powerful you are?"? Too bad it's too late. Accept your fate quickly! Gu Taixuan finished, and there was another long smile of pride. Huai Bin paid no attention to it, and carried all his strength, and Huan Yi two people, without stopping to attack forward. Ma Gu wants to come forward to help, the light of the snow bead, just left two people's vest, although Huai Bin feels extremely cold, still can barely hold on, and Huan Yi has become a shaky look. Seeing this, Huai Bin was greatly frightened. Knowing that the snow soul was out of body, he said hurriedly, "Younger Martial Sister, you don't have to bother. It's important for you to break off." Ma Gu observes the words and expressions, and knows that the lives of a line of people are completely tied to the snow beads. Using the snow beads to block the cold is even more important than opening the ice. How dare you neglect it? Stand down in a hurry 。 As soon as the light of the snow beads hit the backs of the two of them, Huai Bingu felt as warm as spring, relaxed and relaxed, and suddenly refreshed and revitalized. After two people like force attack, about meal time,Inflatable water obstacle course, has opened five feet diameter, ten Zhangs deep a corridor. However, after Ma Gu passed by, the body to the corridor was sealed again and became a whole. It took more than five hours to move forward, but three or five miles, while Huai Bin and Huan Yi were already tired and exhausted. "Brother Bin," said Huan Yixiang, panting, "let's have a rest! Sister really can't hold out. !” Huai Bin felt pity and love for her. Hearing what she said,Inflatable outdoor park, he put his hand on her body and whispered, "It's time for my sister to have a rest. Don't be exhausted. My foolish brother will hold a grudge for the rest of his life." Ma Gu was born in the wild. She didn't understand the love between men and women. When she saw Huai Bin holding Sister Mei, she felt that she should. If she was like that, wouldn't Elder Martial Brother still take care of her? So she didn't feel strange at all. Instead, he said from the side, "Elder Martial Brother, you must hold her well!"! Beware of falling. It's no game. 。” Huan Yi was hugged tightly by Huai Bin. Because of Ma Gu's presence, it was hard to avoid the shyness of her daughter's family. When she heard Ma Gu say this, she knew that although she was extremely smart, because she was still young, the love between men and women was all a blank sheet of paper. She immediately went to the end of her shyness. She simply leaned her body lazily against Huai Bin's chest and let Lang love her heartily, like a docile lamb. In her heart, there was an incomparable warmth, and she was fully satisfied. Her eyes were slightly closed, and she was panting and groaning. That kind of shy and pitiful appearance, not to mention Huai Bin, even if she had a heart of stone, would turn into a soft finger, showing her heart of love. In Huai Bin's consciousness, inflatable floating water park ,Inflatable water park factory, although there is no name of husband and wife between her and him, there is a reality of husband and wife because of the confusion of Laoshan's two demons. At this time, the Iraqi people in the embrace, nephrite warm fragrance, her hair, brush on the face of Huaibin, nose to smell a blue musk incense, refreshing. After many stimulations, he could not help but recall the lingering scene in the mountain temple. The ancient well was full of waves, and the beautiful thoughts lingered in his mind. He hugged his powerful arms more and more tightly. If it hadn't been for Ma Gu, he would have held her in his arms and loved her as much as possible. After all, he was a hero of indomitable spirit, a wonderful man of the world. Although in his heart, his passion was like fire, like the overflow of rivers and lakes, he was not blinded by human desires and conscience. He calmed down a little and immediately calmed down his unrestrained enthusiasm. He called softly, "Sister!"! Little sister Huan Yi Ying gave a "hmm" in her lips. "Do you feel better now?" Huai Bin asked. Only then did Huan Yi wake up and secretly scold himself, saying, "At this time, I am in a tiger's den and a dragon's pool. I am in danger of life all the time. It is not the morning and evening of flowers. I can stay with him and talk freely about my feelings. Why am I so confused?" She thought of safety above, can not help but hit a shudder, but because of Ma Gu in the side, they do not immediately get up, so as not to reveal flaws, listen to Huai Bin asked her better? She pretended to wake up from a dream. The star opened his eyes slightly, and for a moment, he blushed and smiled. He nodded and said, "Thank you, brother Bin, for your concern. I feel much better." Huai Bin saw that his beloved wife was faking it on purpose, and that her deep affection had a reason that could not be guessed. "It's important to get out of trouble at this time," he said with a smile. "Let's talk about it later." When Huai Bin spoke, his handsome eyes shone with a frightening light. That kind of brilliance symbolizes the vitality of spring, more or less with a bit of charm. Especially in the eyes of lovers, it represents his heart. Even if it is only a glimpse, it is enough to touch people's hearts and make them communicate with each other. Huan Yi was indulging in the warmth and sweetness, so she was particularly sensitive to Zhunbin's feelings. After the two sides looked at each other, Huan Yi only felt that Tan Lang was deeply in love, and her heart was indescribably comfortable and incomparably useful. The meaning of Huai Bin's words was also clear to her. She hurriedly said, "Let's do it quickly!" So continue to attack forward, after about an hour, open but Li Xu, two people all feel two arms acid numbness, can no longer maintain. Just as he was about to have a rest, he suddenly heard an old woman with a voice as thin as a mosquito saying, "Don't waste your efforts. This black ice array is so strong and thick. If it goes on like this, I don't know when it will be able to open up. Take a rest and breathe slowly first, and then follow my instructions to make sure that you get out of the black ice array!" When the three of them heard this, they knew that the bearer was using the method of True Qi to transmit sound, and at the same time they could hear who the bearer was! Ma Gu is very happy He blurted out:. "Is it." Before the following words were spoken, the messenger seemed to have been on guard for a long time. He hurriedly stopped the messenger and said, "Yes, I am the person you said. At this time, the mirror of the old monster is not working for the time being, but the listening device is still effective. You must not speak, in order to avoid leaking and hiding. If the old monster finds out, it will not only be unfavorable to each other, but also increase the obstacles for you to get out of trouble!" Three people speak,inflatable amusement park, each play a hand, not to speak casually, quietly listen attentively.

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