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"If I'm sure he's there, three million at once." "No, isn't it 3500000?" He reminded her at once. Cousin, you are really a vampire. Let me see it again. She blew on the nail polish she had just put on, and she didn't care at all. What? Do you want to see it again? He Yuntao roared out. Cousin, I'm very busy. Goodbye. She didn't want to listen to his nonsense any more, so she hung up the phone quickly, then picked up her makeup bag and made up a lot of makeup carefully. When everything was ready, she unconsciously raised the corners of her mouth and thought, Yu Jun, see where you are hiding, I will find you and force you to come back with me! With the address in hand, she picked up her purse and decided it was important to find someone first. ◎ ◎ ◎ ◎ She took a taxi to the address, and as soon as she got off,hydraulic fitting manufacturer, Dinny was disgusted by the people around her who were "vulgar" in her eyes. I really don't know what Yu Jun is doing to live in such a place, full of the smell of garbage, not to mention, even the people who live here seem to be extremely annoying. Miss, who are you looking for? An old woman saw her wandering here,needle valve manufacturer, so she kindly went up and asked in Taiwanese. Don't come over here. "Dinny was so frightened that she hurried to the side. She was really frightened by the silver teeth of the old woman." I'm just being kind to tell you the way! She looked puzzled. What did you say? Go away. Go away. After a quick flash of her, Dinny followed the address down again. Hum, Yu Jun, you see I have made such a great sacrifice for you! At the same time as she was talking in her heart, she also found the place where Yu Jun lived. God, the fifth floor. There was no elevator, and the stairwell was so dirty that she held her nose and complained about going upstairs. When she got to the fifth floor, she was shocked by the heat! She couldn't believe that Yu Jun was hiding in such a place to avoid them. How can he live there? No, she has to take him back today. Yu Jun. Yu Jun.. She began to raise her voice and shout. Suddenly, she frowned when she saw him and the next door. "What's going on? Why are there no compartments on either side?" The more she looked at it, 14 tube fitting ,brass tube fitting, the more it looked like ruins. She felt irritable. "Yu Jun, come out and stop being a shrinking turtle, Yu Jun." The door was pushed open. Yu Jun, I finally found you. She happily reached out to embrace her. Wait, I haven't showered in three days. Do you really want to hug me? He put his arms around his chest and said the words with an expressionless face, which were intended to frighten her. He knew that she was a neat freak and thought she was a rich girl. She made herself like a princess all day long, but she had a more vicious heart than an old witch. Are you really so decadent? She looked at him in disbelief. Yes, I am decadent, not the prince charming in your mind, so please go back! He hid in his room and tried to close the door, but she grabbed his hand. "Don't go!"! In my heart, you are still the president and the eldest young master of the Yu family. "Now that I have left, I will no longer be sentimentally attached to you. Please leave." He tried to pull her hand away, but she refused to let go. "The company can't do without you." "Just have you and my dad here." He put aside the corners of his mouth and said sarcastically. What do you mean by that? Dinny twisted her face. In the past, when I was here, you frequently joined in opinions and rejected my decisions. In that case, the president will let you do it now. As he spoke, he did not forget to squint at her coldly, and his slightly raised jaw revealed his hidden discontent and complaints. How can you say that to me? I speak entirely for Uncle Yu. Ding Ni opened her eyes wide and tried to defend herself. Then you can ask my father to go back to be the president, and I will let him. He had already seen through fame and fortune. Now with Meng Han, what he wants is more freedom. Now he must put his mind on the exhibition two months later to see if he can make a name in the art world without the name of "Yu Jun". You do it for painting, don't you? That's no problem. I'll try my best to persuade Uncle Yu to let him fulfill your hope, as long as you go back and take over the company. Dinny tried her best to persuade. "Well, do I have time for myself when I get back?" He put one hand on the door frame, and his deep voice showed his impatience. There will be. Uncle Yu is really scared when you leave. He will never force you again. Dinny said eagerly. Don't touch me. He shook her off. We're already engaged, and you're still estranged from me? Dinny gritted her teeth and said. I didn't make the engagement. If you want to marry, go and marry my father! He said coldly and sullenly in her ear. Dinny's heart suddenly became cold. She looked at the environment here. "I don't know how you can live in such a place. You don't even have air conditioning. It's like an oven. Can you really bear to live here forever?" "Without your entanglement, I can endure all the inadaptability." Yu Jun is not afraid of her at all. Yu Jun, what on earth are you stimulated by? Or bewitched by someone who would rather suffer here than go back? I know I forced you to marry me, but you can't hate me so much. Dinny has always been self-righteous, and she will not admit her mistakes. Yu Jun shook his head and smiled coldly. "Yes, your most powerful skill is that even the dead can be said to be alive. I admire you very much." "Yu Jun!" She clenched her fists in anger. Then she looked at the other side of the cubicle and said, "Is that where women live?" "What are you going to do?" He narrowed his eyes and looked at her warily. Oh,stainless steel tube fitting, look at your discretion. Is it really a woman? "Dinny gripped him, her face like a woman's." Even women have nothing to do with you. Please leave. Yu Jun's face also became ugly. How can you value a woman who lives in a place like this? Dinny took a deep breath and stared at his handsome face, which made her heart beat.

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