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The importance of Signposting in the essays - Guide 2022

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Your essay takes the reader on a journey through your ideas, narration, and arguments. As an essay writer, you should make it effortless for the reader to go through the essay and find and understand its various parts. Many writers lower down the quality of their essay by not honing their signposting skills and making it cumbersome for the reader to find different parts of the essay. 


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They eventually find themself looking for professional help or requesting: ‘help me write my essay’. However, with a bit of advice on signposting, they can enhance their essay experience for the readers immensely.  



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The initial discernable parts for the reader is the separation of sections and essay parts through the act of paragraphing. Signposting, meanwhile, is the use of words and phrases to inform the reader where they are in the essay, where the main points are located, and where the discussion is heading. It is further used throughout your essay and in each of your paragraphs. 



Signposting in the Introduction



In the introduction, the signposts will come into play in introducing the main claim of the essay and the essay writing service presenting the thesis guide or plan. The signposting will tell the reader:





  • What the intent of the argument is



The essay aims at showing why pesticides and insecticides are dangerous...





What claims will be discussed to support the argument and in what manner or order



We will discuss its impact on the human immune system, fertility, mental health... 






The signpost will also serve to justify your focus on a particular topic

The arguments will focus on how these health impacts can lead to severe conditions and worsen over generations.






 And it will also help to quantify the various points in your essay:



A total of 4 cases will be discussed and their outcomes evaluated in the essay.



Signposting in the body paragraphs



Other than quantifying and justifying as in the introduction the body paragraphs too will tackle the ‘what’ question, i.e. what is the purpose of the paragraph. The answer to which comes in the form of the topic sentence which tells the reader in the first sentence what claim the paragraph plans to discuss.




Fertility and reproductive issues caused by the indirect intake of pesticides can take the form of disruption to endocrine levels and neurodevelopmental issues.






Apart from topic sentences, there are two types of signposts in use:



Large-scale signposting:



The large-scale signposting is telling the reader what came bore the part and what is going to come next. It usually connects two parts of the essay together, whether an idea or a structural part. Usually large signposting comes at the start of the paragraphs, or they come at the end. 





  • Small-scale signposting



Small-scale signposting shows direction within paragraphs. They signal what’s next while also hinting at the causal relationships. Some words that are used as signposts are: Therefore, Consequently, Conversely, Despite the fact, etc. 



Signposting in Conclusion



In the conclusion part, you are supposed to provide the reader with a closure, without burdening them with any more words; a good rule is to use the past tense for the signposts that were used in the introductions. 



The essay showed why pesticides and insecticides are harmful…




We discussed its impacts on human fertility, immunity, and mental health.          




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This will provide the reader with the perfect closure: the writer, for them, said what he will do. The conclusion will also tell the reader through subtle signposts what issues were raised in the essay and assessed and what it has accomplished in light of the thesis statement. provides great writing services for students in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia, who need of professional help with their assignments.




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