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Men who travel in the USA know what a Dopp Kit means. It is a toiletry bag that keeps all items used in the bath and shower organized and at hand immediately. Dopp Kits can be made of vinyl, material, or leather with the finest being leather.


The leather ones can be the most expensive unless purchased from Main Street Forge Store. The quality Dopp Kit provided by Main Street Forge Store is also proudly made in the USA which gives testament to the absolutely stunning quality of the kits.


Large enough for all toiletries from shampoo to shavers, the kits are easily wiped clean and also withstand water and other wear and tear unlike cheap material and synthetic kits. The leather is the highest grade of leather, with side handles for easy pickup and transport.


Leather is malleable and breathable so no offensive odors ever accumulate and the kits can be pushed into a carry-on bag if airline travel is required. Because this Dopp Kit is manufactured in the USA, it is produced in small batches, using artisan quality methods such as stitching, zippering, and of course, coloration.


The choice of colors is amazing and can be matched to either existing luggage or the favorite color of any man. Even better there is a Lifetime Warranty which cannot be found in products that are manufactured overseas generally.





This Dopp Kit obviously is made to last, and the price of American craftsmanship shows throughout the kit. It makes a perfect gift for any occasion but with Father’s Day closely approaching is worth considering for giving a Dad or husband.


Perfectly presented with the tags MADE IN THE USA or check at amazon and Artisan Quality showing this is a gift for any man that would thrill. Or even better, purchase one for personal use to enjoy a bath and shower that is exclusively quality whenever bathing or showering.

From midnight black to the beautiful pearl grey called “Avalanche” with many brown shades in between the choices of color are vast for a 100 percent burnished leather and the USA crafted Dobb Kit. At a mere $49.99 it is a steal for full-grain leather that will last forever. There is no need to travel to own this quality kit as it can be displayed proudly in any bathroom at any time. It also eliminates the mess of having male toiletries scattered everywhere on bathroom cabinets.


Remember also that although made for men, ladies can also use this kit to keep their makeup and toiletries safe, waterproof, and portable. The small batched manufacturing makes this Dopp Kit indispensable as the quality is superb. To reach Artisan quality a slow process must be in place and Main Street Forge Store has made this process its claim to fame and signature objective.


Purchasing more than one is recommended as the price is quite low now and quantities of this premiere Made In The USA product do sell out quickly. For home or travel, this Dopp Kit screams quality and will make the simple tasks of personal hygiene much more enjoyable.

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