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lvl 1: Loincloth
posted 7 months ago

I don't think so! I want to make beautiful wooden panels on my car at the moment and I want to keep them for a long time, how can this be done?

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lvl 1: Loincloth
posted 5 days ago

QR codes can be used on almost any type of product, including food, clothing and accessories. They're also an excellent way to communicate with your customers if you have a physical store location or online store and they should check their fax security to beware from any hacking attack. You can use them in print ads or online, as long as you're able to provide a URL where people can find more information.

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lvl 2: Hog "Rider"
posted 3 days ago

The use of technology may initiate confusion. It's often difficult to know what is real and what isn't, especially when it comes to new forms of communication like Snapchat and Instagram. You need to check this and learn more new tips for development. Kids today are calling people they're not close to on their cell phones just to see who they want to talk to. I guess it's easier than waiting for text messages from friends who don't live nearby.

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