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Keep this plant matter because you will run it through the whole cycle again. Allow the water to drain through the 160 bag for a few seconds. Carefully pull up just the 160 bag and place it into the empty, clean work bucket. Use your sprayer (or mister/cup) to wash the hash towards the center of the bag. Carefully pull the edges of the bag down over the bucket until the bottom of the bag (where the hash is) is stretched across the opening of the bucket. Use a metal tablespoon to collect the wet hash and place it on the drying screen. Remove the 160 bag from the bucket and set it aside. Repeat for the remaining bags, removing each one slowly one at a time and collecting the hash, ending with the 25 bag. I always try to label which hash is which so I can compare them later. First run complete! The next step is to do a second run with the same bag of plant matter. Yes, do everything again. You essentially want to repeat the entire process to get more hash that hadnТt been released yet. Repeat steps 2-15 to complete your second run (add ice, water, and the plant matter bag back in the washer, run it again for 12 minutes, let it sit for 10 minutes, then put the resulting water through the series of bags again to collect more hash). In some cases, the second run can yield as much as the first run, so donТt skip it! Once youТre done with your second run, use the tablespoon to chop up all your hash into tiny bits. Let it dry out for 30 min and chop it up again. Make sure itТs in tiny bits! Continue this process 2 more times cannabis seeds.

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