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Are you a newbie to homeschooling things? Then there are some common homeschooling mistakes you need to avoid. By using the right tips on how to homeschool a practical approach, you will homeschool your child in the best way possible. According to recent studies, homeschooling has become one of the most common activities since the COVID-19 pandemic. That is because homeschooling helps to reduce the movement of students and thus reduce the spread. Therefore while ensuring you protect the child from the disease, you need also to ensure the kid learns just like other students who are being homeschooled.


Below are some of the most common homeschooling mistakes you need to avoid. They include;


• Expecting your kids to perform like others


Comparing your kids to others homeschooling in different places is one of the most common mistakes many make. It is essential to understand that kids are gifted differently. Therefore the grades that your kids score in different subjects will not be equal. Some kids will be good in math, while others perform exceptionally in science subjects. Therefore to ensure your kids do their best, avoid comparing them with other kids. Remember that some kids will master the skills after teaching them severally while others will understand the same concept at one time. Therefore you need to understand the learning curve of your kid and treat everyone differently.


• Doing it alone


Homeschooling requires different approaches to make the kid understand everything nicely. Therefore you cannot rely on your efforts alone. You need to consult others and ask them how they cope with different situations. For instance, if you find out that your kid does not understand a specific concept, you need to inquire from others on how they tacked such cases. Also, there is a lot of valuable teaching material on a different platform. All you need to do is to join the appropriate platforms and seek help.


• Not having an organized homeschooling room


Many parents or home tutors do not know that it is impossible to homeschool a kid from anywhere in the house. It is recommended to locate a suitable room where all learning should be carried. That is to ensure the kid can concentrate. Trying to homeschool your kid in your living room can become difficult. That is because there will be many interruptions from the people coming to your place, pets, electronics such as televisions, sound system and many more. Therefore before getting started, it is essential to choose a cool place where all the learning will be conducted.


• Over-scheduling/under-scheduling


Over-scheduling and under-scheduling are the other most common mistake that many parents and home tutors make when homeschooling their kids. You need to ensure you limit the activities that you set to ensure you do not overschedule. Including too many activities in the schedule, the plan will exhaust both you and the kids. You will all feel tired and lose the morale to continue. Therefore it is essential to choose essential activities or subjects to learn at a time. Also, under-scheduling results when you include very few activities on the schedule plan.


Although the kids need to engage in other stuff, do not let them spend too much time on one activity. Diversify the activities with appropriate timing. Therefore by avowing all the mistakes discussed above, you will master the best tips on how to homeschool a practical approach that helps your kid.

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