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How to Improve Grammar Skills: A Writer's Refresher Course

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Grammar, by far, is the most important element a writer needs to focus on. Noted in custom essay writing help.

This article itself may have a million grammatical errors on behalf of the writer, which is why it's so challenging. A writer is in such big demand because it's hard work where few by far are willing to take the challenge. Only by practicing and developing strong grammatical techniques, one could create a wonderful article for any type of subject, inspire a great novel or even get by in English class.

Say It Loud

Read out loud when you do my essay or typing. This technique can be awkward for some and gracefully habitual for others. Listening to what is on paper by the human ear detects most grammatical errors and can save plenty of editing time. Even the best of writers are guilty of such senseless mistakes that are so easy to avoid.

A Hint from Stephen King

New York Times Bestseller Stephen King, from his book “On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft”, Pocket publishing 2000, emphasizes that the writer should construct a “toolbox”. This toolbox is a writer’s skill set composed of proper grammar, vocabulary, and style. The more one reads and writes, the stronger the tools are that the writer is capable of. He recommends Skunk’s, “Elements of Style” to help a writer achieve sharpen their “tools” or develop skills that are necessary for good writing. Another great tool he said to have in the toolbox is a magical editing formula that he got from a rejection slip. The formula is Final Draft = Rough Draft -10%. This formula didn’t put him as a National Bestseller overnight, it helped him edit his own work and process a better grammatical flow to his manuscripts.

Handbook for Writers

There are similar books that have exercises to develop good grammar. In “Handbook for Writers” by Prentice-Hall, 1951 Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, focuses on many different aspects of grammar with exercises for each topic. Topics range from recognizing sentence structure, parts of speech, tense and mood and properly using adjectives and adverbs. This book also focuses on writing effective sentences, paragraphs, and citations. The primary goal of a writer is to have effective flowing sentences with logical thought and properly document sources when necessary. Following are two examples from the book that help illustrate good prose and logical grammatical thinking.

First, in the following sentences, make it more efficient by putting the principal idea as the main clause and subordinate the lesser ideas.

Ineffective: The octopus momentarily released its grip, when the diver escaped.

Revised: When the octopus momentarily released its grip, the diver escaped.

The goal here is to have a reasonable flow, effective and not choppy. Skilled narrative writers from writing paper service adapt to this style to give all actions and ideas equal weight and importance where beginner writers should avoid it.

Choppy: He stood on a street corner. The wind was blowing. He peered into the darkness. He was a stranger. He realized that he had no place to go.

Revised: Standing on a windy street corner and peering into the darkness, the stranger realized that he had no place to go.

Logical Reasoning
A great way to help improve grammar and style is by logically placing words. Avoid awkward repetitions by using simple, direct expressions. Be specific with basic terminologies by avoiding omnibus words. Easier said than done. With lots of practice, this becomes easier and more fluent while writing prose.

Excellent Grammar Skills

A surefire fuel and rocket lubrication to developing excellent grammar are by mastering effective transitions between paragraphs within the prose. There are many different techniques for developing transitions and the best way to develop these strategies is to practice and observe other styles. Transitions determine the construction, mood, direction, and focus of the piece that only the writer can determine. It is important that the writer demonstrate effective transitions to communicate its arguments to the readers. The writer’s individual style and passion are the fuel to demonstrate these transitions most effectively.

Express Basic Structure
The basic grammatical structure of prose of a writer is like hunting for a pirate’s treasure chest. The “X” marks the spot as the writer must dig through a mesh of anecdotes, interviews, and research information into golden stories, article pitches, and great novel features. If you going to buy custom essay, just know the writer is constantly building a foundation consisting of an introduction, the display of factual information, and a busting conclusion to help educate, communicate and express itself to the audience.


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