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A kind of integrated solar street light that integrates four main components into the product is All in One Solar Street Light: solar panel, battery, light source, solar regulator and solar power cable. Silan is one of the best and top leading All in one Solar Street Light Manufacturers in India.


Now let's look at the details of each module individually


#Monocrystalline solar panels


Monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar modules are two different solar modules which are widely used in the solar industry. In general, single crystals perform better than polycrystals, especially in cold weather, they have a higher percentage of energy conversion than polycrystals. According to the data, Silan monocrystalline solar power can achieve a conversion rate of up to 24.1%.


#LED light source


Suffice it to say that single light source LEDs are dominant in the lighting market due to their high energy savings. This can definitely be seen as a new generation of lighting solutions. LED types vary in size and wattage.


#Lithium ion battery


Instead of car batteries designed to discharge large amounts of energy in a short period of time, the renewable energy industry prefers deep cycle batteries because of their excellent performance in long-lasting energy, deep power and more cycle times, 3000x more. 


#MPPT solar charge controller


There are two types of controllers on the market: PWM and MPPT.


Anything in a street light with sunlight will receive MPPT because in this case the PWM will lose some of the energy collected by the panels, whereas MPPT can convert all the collected solar energy into chemical energy.


Infrared motion sensor (PIR)


Infrared and microwave motion sensors are two popular types of built-in sunlight. Infrared motion sensors detect the movement of a heat source, whereas microwaves emit a microwave radar and receive the reflected signal to analyze changes in the reflected signal.


Our all-in-one street light includes an infrared type with an operating angle of 120 degrees which detects the crouched cone space under the light.

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