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lvl 2: Hog "Rider"
posted 13 months ago

Hi all! I'm a 23yo female forest ranger based out of Seattle.

I want to dip my toes into van life and would love to "rent a van" for a couple months. Is anyone out there not using their van for a 2-3 months and I could potentially rent it out? Great way to make cash and for me to experience living in a van! I'd rather not go through a company because they're so expensive!

If that idea falls through, then I'm thinking about building out some small and simple to start but thought I'd ask around to see if anyone was down for a new tenant!



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lvl 1: Loincloth
posted 13 months ago

Sorry, but even if my van is idle I wouldn't rent it for cheap to you. Nothing personal, but I'm paying insurance on it, have to handle the maintenance, and the depreciation as well.

You can look at peer-to-peer rentals on RVShare, but they aren't cheap.

Either try something short term, or buy one yourself. Another option you could try is to get a lease takeover, like Not many minivans on there though, but maybe. Then just fit it out so as not to violate the lease terms.

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