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How To Find Medical Marijuana In Tucson

It was welcome news to many residents in Arizona when proposition 203 was passed in Nov. of 2011. Arizona joined California, Colorado and several other states when it passed a law giving qualified patients the right to consume, cultivate and utilize medicinal marijuana. In order to become qualified, you need to get a marijuana program certification from a Doctor.


You can find several certification centers open for business in Tucson. Just be on-guard of the costs. I paid $100 Dr.'s fee and $150 to the State of Arizona for program registration but have heard of places that are gouging new patients with high service prices. Don't bite. It should not cost more than what I've already written about.


You will have to submit a photo for your card (my Dr. took my picture and emailed it to me with her!), then proceed with the registration process.


My acceptance email notification from Arizona's Department of Health Medical Marijuana Program came within a couple of hours. Once you have confirmation, you're good to go. Just keep your paperwork handy until your card arrives in the mail.




Now that you have a card, you definitely want to use another source of meds other than your old black market street-dealer. As a card holder in Tucson you have a couple of options, but staying legal and avoiding legal problems is in and of itself a good way to go.


Nowadays (May 2012), you can tap into the growing patient-to-patient networks that exist in Tucson. The best and most reliable networks for sharing medicinal marijuana, edibles, cookies and candies are Med-Link Mobile and A.B.C. Arizona's Best Caregivers. You can find links at the bottom of this article.


Craigslist is also another source for making patient-to-patient connections so that you can potentially open the door for better selection and variety from the various patient-to-patient medical marijuana networks in Tucson.


Another option is to cultivate the medical marijuana in Tucson yourself. You can grow up to 12 plants somewhere in your house if it's locked and it's away from kids. If you don't have the room, time or interest to cultivate and grow your own medical marijuana, then you can exercise your option to have an Arizona Medical Marijuana Program Registered Caregiver grow it for you. This is usually somebody you know who is also a patient. This opens the door for some nice patient-to-patient strain growing sharing and variety in meds.



Other than utilizing a patient-to-patient network like Med-Link Mobile to find medical marijuana in Tucson or growing cannabis yourself, your options are limited. The good news is that you can obtain medical marijuana safely and without worry of getting into legal trouble. You can call Med-Link Mobile/A.B.C. Arizona's Best Caregivers in Tucson and join a conscientious and caring group of growers, caregivers and patients.



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