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The obesity problem is cataloged as a pathology which is affecting millions of people around the world. Today we will talk about the important benefits of leptin for weight loss. An interesting discovery has been discovered which, related to weight is the hormone leptin, apparently it plays a very important role when it comes to losing weight.

What is leptin and what is it for?

What is Leptin? The leptin is known for being a hormone that regulates appetite. Its main function is to inhibit food intake and at the same time increase energy expenditure, thus helping to keep body weight constant. Leptin is generally responsible for the overall satiety signal in the brain. Where the word leptin comes from, well the word leptin comes from the Greek word "Leptos", which means slim. This is a hormone that was discovered in 1994, also known as OB Protein. As a result, leptin is produced by fat cells, adipocytes.

Leptin, the slimming hormone

Leptin seems to make it clear that it plays an important role in appetite control. At the moment when the amount of fat stored in the cells increases, which makes the cells release leptin, which informs the hypothalamus so that it inhibits appetite, indicating that the body already has enough food. As a consequence, at the moment when appetite is curbed we would stop eating therefore the amount of fat would not increase.

Properties of leptin

Leptin is a useful food for weight loss and because:

  • Helps eliminate fat that is stored.
  • Regulates the
  • Rewards fatty deposits.
  • Normalizes the contribution of fat to the muscles.
  • It stimulates the adrenal gland.
  • Increases energy and metabolism

How to know if our leptin levels are low

Quite simply, we can discover that some signs can make us think that our leptin levels are not the most convenient are: Leptoconnect Review

  • Yo-yo effect of diets.
  • When we peck too much.
  • We eat late at night.
  • Also when we eat in a stressed way.
  • Weight gain at the waist.
  • Having trouble getting the ideal fart.

Leptin: a hormone related to obesity

While it is true, and it has also been proven that very low levels of leptin favor obesity and especially when you cannot stop eating, and without a doubt some, there are many obese people with very high levels of leptin. Unfortunately, this is said to indicate that there are many people who have developed a kind of resistance to leptin efficacy. More than anything, they are currently investigating how to make these people re-sensitive to leptin, and if it would not make sense to give them leptin.

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Oh, I have always wanted to lose my weight, but I can't find the way that will help me.

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