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Leptin is essential for weight loss since it is a hormone related to body fat. Leptin is a molecule that is released from fat cells and is a hormone that is related to fat loss. Generally, it is released in relation to the proportion of fat you have in your body, that is, the more fat you have, the more leptin is released or secreted.

What is Leptin?

Other functions it performs in the body are regulation of bone density, metabolism, fat, cognition and memory, inflammation, the perception of flavors, insulin sensitivity and, finally, related to marks on the skin. Leptin acts on many functions as you can see, but we will focus on its relationship with weight or fat loss rather than regulating appetite. Body fat is responsible for producing and secreting Leptin Hormone and one of its functions is to "tell" the brain how much body fat your body has.

Leptin also responds when you eat, it releases and tells the brain when you ate. Also responds when you do exercises in time and intensity. So any changes in diet and exercise you do will stimulate the hormone leptin response. twice this hormone than men, that is why your diet has to be designed according to your proportions and nutritional needs, in short, maintain a diet and exercise structure to increase results. in losing weight.

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