Frequently Asked Questions

You got questions? We have glorious answers! You will smile, cry, take deep breaths and then call your mother to say "I love you" after you've gotten done reading our answers. Wisdom? YYYYYUP! We'll try to throw a little bit of the good stuff your way and hopefull you'll find the answer you need. If for some odd reason we haven't answered your question, you can Contact Us and we can further delve into your mysterious query.

Problems with the game

"In Clash of Clans when I..."
FOR ALL THAT IS HOLY, I AM NOT AFFILIATED WITH CLASH OF CLANS AT ALL! I cannot punish that guy who cursed at your child, I cannot refund gem purchases, I cannot create new troops and I cannot bench press 400 pounds. Granted, I don't even know how that last one applies to this but still, I can't do it, so deal with it.

No, seriously, that guy was a douchebag to my kid and I want him castrated.

Supercell Forums DO IT!
" How do I upload my base plan online, in game?"
Unfortunately Neggs Network is not affiliated with the creators of the game. Being that we are not affiliated, there is no way to upload your base plan online to your game account. You can manually implement your online plan ingame.
" I can't sign in to my Game Center account! What do I do?"
Once again our Network stands alone. We are not affiliated with Apple, you need to contact them directly to help with your issues.
" I uninstalled my game by accident! How do I get it back?"
If you game is connected to Game Center or Facebook, as long as you did not remove it from either one of these accounts, you should be able to re install the game using your Game Center ID info or your Facebook login information. If the problem persists, contact the creators of the game.
" My game keeps crashing! HELP!"
We are very sorry to hear about your game crashing, I am heartfelt about that. It's pretty annoying. But we are not affiliated with the creators of the game. There is nothing that we can do to fix this issue. I recommend reaching out to in game support.
"Help I can't sign into my game account!"
We are not affiliated with the creators of the game. We do not have access to any game accounts. I recommend contacting the creators, or reaching out for help in the games official forums.
"I bought gems and they are not showing up on my account!"
Once again, this is an in game issue. We do not handle ingame issues. Contact the creators of the game. Tell them you want your damn gems!

Problems with the site

"I can't move my structures, WHYYY?!?!?"
First things first, go up to your browser's pull down menu (ie: when you click File in your browser, it "pulls down" a new menu) and go to View and select Actual Pixels or Zoom->Reset in Firefox. That generally fixes the issue. If not, contact me and I'll take a closer look.
"I forgot my password, username, who I am and why I am now naked."
Remember your Username and your Character name are different. The login page requires your Username (which isn't necessarily your Character name).

Contact me and we'll get this all straightened out. If you're a pretty female and you are dealing with the aforementioned "naked" affliction, pix or it didn't happen.
"What are Modifications?"
Modifications are just the amount of times you've moved structures or added/removed walls when updating your base plans. It's a way for us to gauge how much you've worked on your plan. IE: Minimal spam detection.
"How do I attack a person's base? The troops don't seem to fight."
The attack feature (much like the base design feature), was created so you could either plan out your attacks against bases while giving feedback to the original author of the base plan. Attacking on this site was never intended to be an actual game in which the troops have AI and your defenses fight back. That functionality is reserved for Clash of Clans. If I were gonna do that, not only would I get sued to high hell but I'd probably create a new game of my own rather than reinventing the wheel.
"The base builder tool is 45 degrees off. Why don't you turn it?"
I get this a lot and I wish, just once, someone would read this FAQ before contacting me.

Anyways, there's a few reasons why the tool is setup as it is:
-At the time of the writing of this, the technology used to build the tool has a drag and drop bug when the 'stage' has been transformed. aka, it won't work

-Also, if it did work, I'd have to make the tool and each object a lot smaller because the entire base must be visible within the web page. ie: there is no zoom on the webpage

So pretty much it's not possible and even if it was, it would be a huge pain in the arse and not as useful as it might appear due to the awkward transition to a web page medium. That being said, it's really not too bad right now and a considerable amount of the community has gotten used to it already.
"When I search for the title of my plan or clan, I cannot find it. Why?"
It could be the fact that the author of that plan has chosen to make it inactive or deleted it. It could also be that the way you're searching isn't quite right. Sparing you the technical details I've had to optimize the search query a bit. When you get a lot of traffic, you have to make some optimization changes:

So if you are searching for your clan 'super sexy milfs', the setup should be like this:

Search Term: "super" or "super sexy"

The important part is the first word or string of words. I know, I know, it's odd but this setup makes things much mo bettas.
"I hate these little double underlined words."
Papa's gotta put food on the table! BACK OFF!
" I need to edit a post or comment that I have created."
Currently the site does not allow users to edit. If you have something that you needed to be edited contact us via support with a link to where you posted. Make sure you include what you would like to change or add.
" How do I change my User Name?"
There isn't a way to change your username. Make sure you choose one carefully when you sign up.
" I forgot to sign in and I created a base plan, now the author is anonymous help!"
Have no fear technology is here! When you save the plan, even though you are not signed in, the site recognizes your IP address (address of your computer) So it automatically saves your plan to your account, even though the author is titled anonymous. You can find these plans in the 'Account' tab, under 'My Plans'
"I keep getting negative comments on my base plan, I want them deleted."
Take the advice from the community as constructive criticism. Even though it may be negative, some people just don't know how to be tactful in the way they critique plans. Unless it is completely vulgar, man up and realize, wow, maybe my plan isn't awesome after all.
"How do I see a certain users plans? "
Currently we do not have an author filter. But you can see other users accounts by adding /users/USER NAME to the link after .com
"Why can't I comment?"
Always remember to login. We have restricted certain parts of the site for community use only. If you are logged in and still can't comment, contact us via support ticket. Be as specific as possible. Please include the device you are using as well as the browser type.
"Why can't I post a link in the forums?"
Our Network currently does not allow link posting in forums for several reasons. One being that we don't want people spamming. Another, is that we don't want any irrelevant content linked on our site. If you have a link that you think will be helpful to the community, send a support ticket with the link and what you would like to post. We will review both your post and the link, if seen as viable, it will be added to the site.

Guide Submissions

"I have a submitted a guide but I do not see it, why?"
95% of the submitted guides are total crappp. Stuff like "Check out my guild, it's awesome!" and other textual gibberish. That being said guides go through an approval process and I make sure the guides that we have on the site at least had some though in the concept, the spelling and the structuring of the guide. Here are a few things that I look for when I see a guide submitted:

- A fresh perspective on a concept

- More than 1 or 2 paragraphs in length

- Proper spelling and sentence structure

- Your guide isn't about getting "tons" of resources from a specific level base with a specific troop configuration
It's pretty simple. If you are a clever person with an informative manner in which to communicate it, your guide will probably be approved. If not, the thing you want to share that is oh-so-clever, probably isn't all that clever after all and I will weep for humanity before I delete it.
"I have a guide in a foreign language, can I post it?"
Sure but I will still run it through a translator to ensure it's not horrible. A lot of different nationalities frequent the site so I really don't have an issue with foreign languages in the guide section.


"I got banned, WTF?!?!"
If you got banned there really shouldn't be a question as to why but just in case, you most likely got banned for:

- spamming plans to increase the comment counts

- you created multiple accounts to leverage ratings for or against plans

- you didn't provide nearly enough value to the community to offset your bad attitude
"So I got banned, where are my plans?"
If you get banned your entire existance on the site is erased which includes comments, ratings, plans, etc.

Contacting Me

"I have a suggestion"
I love a good suggestion! While I want to promote positive feedback, the site has been up for a while and some suggestions have already been made, such as:

- Displaying the spawn area

- Troops actually attacking a base

So if you were going to contact me with one of the above suggestions, don't stress it. Loud and clear, I hear you and in due time perhaps? We shall see!

If however you notice some data wrong on the site, a building with an outdated graphic or something on the site that is being problematic, contact me pronto! I will fix it mad, crazy, wicked sick fast!
"Can I use your App on my site?"
While I appreciate your interest, the base creation tool as well as the attack tool is going to stay exclusive to

About the Author

"Who are you and why are you such a jackass?"
My nerdy video game handle is Neggs and I'm a web developer. I'm kind of a jackass by nature and at very rare intervals, somewhat humorous as well. I play clash of clans pretty frequently and I'm currently closing in on my 92nd level.
"Why did you create the"
I wanted to try out new base designs but there was very few good places to find them. Not only that but the in-game tools for rapidly creating base designs left a little to be desired.
"Are you single?"
Well hello there! Do you like Ferris Bueller's Day off and think elderly people chasing down umbrella's on a windy day is funny? Perhaps I am single then...
"Why do you not accept anyone into your clan?"
I work on this website a lot and have a regular gig to boot. So when it comes down to actually relaxing and playing a video game, I like to do so without having to worry about keeping up with clan politics and recent gossips. Though fun, chatting in a clan can be a time sync and sadly that is a luxury I cannot afford at the moment. So alas, I am a lonely nerd.


"Credibility? What's that?"
Contributing to the site, if the community feels your contribution is useful you may gain more points. Depending on the amount of points you accrued you will gain a valiant title!
"What are the benefits of having a high credibility score?"
Aside from being the beacon in which light shines from unto the other lowly users of this website? Well, you'll be a wee bit more famous in the credibility rankings. People will inherently appreciate your opinion more because they see that you are a credible source of information. The better your credibility, the cooler your title and the more chicks you will score at local dive bars where the bartender's name is "Eddie" and they only have nuts and onion rings for appetizers.
" Why am I a loincloth?"
Other than the fact that you reek of... well, it's just a title. You get more colorful titles as you level up your credibility. Your titles will sound more badass as you level up.
" What if my credibility looks incorrect?"
You can contact us but please understand that due to volume of requests, it could be a while before we get back to you.
"Can I spend my credibility?"
No, it's just a fun ranking system, not a currency.
"Why have I submitted guides and received less credibility then others?"
If you guide has been deemed insightful with a new and useful guide you will be awarded points for it. The more popular your guide becomes the more credibility may gain.
"Which pieces of content can earn credibility and how much?"
For me to decide and you to find out! But i can say, if you put a lot of effort in your content you are on your way to gaining more credibility.
"Can I lose credibility?"
Yes you can. If you're a jerkface or if our staff has to clean up your mess for being a douchbag you will lose credibility.
"Are there any other ways of gaining credibility?"
We are always coming up with new content to add to the site that will allow to users to contribute more. Contribution means credibility.
"Why don't I earn credibility for attacks?"
Attacks are easy and fun to create but we don't feel that it's enough contribution to warrant credibility.
"Is there a list of Credibility Rankings?"
"How do earn credibility?"
Contributing to the site, if the community feels your contribution is useful you may gain more points.

Conversation and Messages

"I had a conversation with another user but now its gone, what gives?"
Either user can delete the conversation at their leisure so if it's not there anymore, the other user you were talking with most likely deleted it. Scorn them forever.
"How do I find a specific user to message?"
You can go to that user's page by clicking on their name throughout the site and click 'Start a Conversation' or you can just click "Start New Conversation" from your conversations page and type the user's name in to the message box that appears.
"Can I message more then one person at a time?"
Coming soon to a theater near you!
"Can I message everyone in my clan?"
We are not linked to the game. So no, at this current time you cannot message everyone in your clan. We will be adding group messaging soon!
"Can I turn off my messenger?"
That is currently not an option. If you are being harassed in anyway, just let admin know and we will handle the issue for you.
"How can I upload my avatar to my account so it shows up in comments?"
You just wait baby bird. You can't just yet but that doesn't mean you won't be able to very soon, extremely soon, soonish, possibly before 2020. I'm very subtle: it's coming.

Character Creator

"My screenshot quality is low"
The quality of the screenshot is browser specific.
"My Screenshots have lines on them"
Based on the technology we use to screenshot, it's intermittent, just give it another try!
"When I take my screenshot it's cluttered with everything else!"
Drag the items that are not in use off the page before you take a picture and finalize.
"Where is my character on the Character Listing page?"
Make sure you finalize your character for it to show on the listing page.
"My parts aren't where they should be!"
It's a known issue, it's caused by browser compatibility. In return the browser disagrees on how your image should look. Just rearrange your piece and take another picture.
"I don't see my Character on the Character Listing Page!"
After you take a picture of your character, make sure you select the 'Finalize' button. Without selecting the 'Finalize' button your character will not save.